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The generic filter in cuba platform – excel filters on steroids


As i promised last time, i plan to go through some features of the platform, that i think are very valuable. So i’m going to do a little series here. Starting with the obvious one’s like UI, Filtering, Security to some advanced features like Web Portal, extensibility, Auditing, dynamic attributes and so on. CUBA features #1 – generic filter In ...

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A Java EE 7 Application on OpenShift 3 With JBoss Tools


You can create and manage OpenShift applications in Eclipse with the latest version of the OpenShift Plugin for JBoss Tools. They are either pre-bundled with the latest JBoss Developer Studio (9.0.0.GA) or you can install them into an existing Eclipse Mars. This post walks you through deploying the Java EE 7 Hands-On-Lab in OpenShift with the JBoss Developer Studio. OpenShift 3 ...

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3 Reasons why You Shouldn’t Replace Your for-loops by Stream forEach


Awesome! We’re migrating our code base to Java 8. We’ll replace everything by functions. Throw out design patterns. Remove object orientation. Right! Let’s go! Wait a minute Java 8 has been out for over a year now, and the thrill has gone back to day-to-day business. A non-representative study executed by from May 2015 finds that 38% of their ...

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Project Jigsaw Hands-On Guide


Project Jigsaw will bring modularization to the Java platform and according to the original plan it was going to be feature complete on the 10th of December. So here we are but where is Jigsaw? Surely a lot happened in the last six months: The prototype came out, the looming removal of internal APIs caused quite a ruckus, the mailing ...

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Apache Spark vs. Apache Drill


Editor’s note: If you would like to learn more about using Spark there is a free book titled Getting Started with Apache Spark: From Inception to Production. If you’re thinking about working with big data, you might be wondering which tools you should use. If you are trying to enable SQL-on-Hadoop then you might be considering the use of Apache ...

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ParparVM Spreads Its Wings


We wrote quite a bit about the architecture of the new VM we built for iOS and why we built it. Up until recently we always viewed it as a Codename One specific tool. Something that would only be useful for us. We used open source because “that is our way” and didn’t give it much thought after that. It ...

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Gonsole 1.2: Open Git Consoles from Everywhere


We have added a little feature to the Git Console for the Eclipse IDE that may be helpful here and there.                       In the Show In menu (Alt+Shift+W) there is now an entry for the Git Console. The entry is available if a single a file, folder or project is ...

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Jigsaw Delays Push Java 9 Launch Date to 2017


The Java 9 release date is postponed to 2017 because of delays in Project Jigsaw It might come to some as no surprise due to the long history of delays in the project, but looks like highly anticipated Project Jigsaw has been delayed. Again. The good news is that unlike last time with Java 8, it’s still on the roadmap ...

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