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Centralized Logging and Monitoring

I have so much chaos in my life, it’s become normal. You become used to it. You have just to relax, calm down, take a deep breath and try to see how you can make things work rather than complain about how they’re wrong. — Tom Welling Monitoring many services on a single server poses some difficulties. Monitoring many services ...

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The Mute Design Pattern

Have you been writing a lot of code following the Mute-Design-Pattern™ lately? E.g. try { complex(); logic(); here(); } catch (Exception ignore) { // Will never happen hehe System.exit(-1); } There’s an easier way with Java 8! Just add this very useful tool to your Utilities or Helper class: public class Helper { // 18395 lines of other code here ...

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DynamicReports and JasperReports with JSF, Servlet and CDI

In this example, I will show how to integrate DynamicReport and JasperReports with Servlet and CDI. Tools: TIBCO Jaspersoft Eclipse  Luna Service Release 2 (4.4.2). WildFly 8.x application server. This is a screenshot from the project hierarchy on Eclipse.     The pom.xml file contains the required dependencies for the Servlets + JSF + CDI + DynamicReports. <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" ...

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Retrying Method Execution using Spring AOP


One of my blog follower sends an email asking me to show an example of  “RealWorld Usage of Spring AOP”. He mentioned that in most of the examples the usage of Spring AOP is demonstrated for logging method entry/exit or Transaction management or Security checks. He wanted to know how Spring AOP is being used in “Real Project for Real Problems”. ...

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Java EE Security API Moving Forward


The Java EE Security API (JSR 375) is moving forward, as summarised by Arjan Tijms here: One thing to note is that we now have a name for the reference implementation, namely Soteria. The name originates from Greek Mythology where Soteria was the goddess of safety and salvation [Wikipedia]. Our Soteria can be found on GitHub ( and also has a Twitter handle. ...

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How To Build CRUD REST APIs With Elixir And Phoenix Quick Start


This post will show how to build a REST API with Elixir and Phoenix Framework. The focus will be providing CRUD (create, read, update, delete) endpoints for a model which is persisted to a Postgres database backend. I should warn you; this is a trivial example. But, hopefully, it helps you move forward in your Elixir and Phoenix journey. Side ...

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Creating Custom SpringBoot Starter for Twitter4j


SpringBoot provides lot of starter modules to get up and running quickly. SpringBoot’s auto-configure mechanism takes care of configuring SpringBeans on our behalf based on various criteria. In addition to the springboot starters that comes out-of-the-box provided by Core Spring Team, we can also create our own starter modules. In this post we will look into how to create a ...

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Redis transactions

Redis transactions allow to group multiple commands and to execute them sequentially. The whole transactional state is isolated from other users and becomes visible once a transaction is committed. A Redis transaction is different from transactions in, let’s say, relational databases. A Redis transaction feels more like a queue/stack of commands because commands are queued and the execution is deferred. ...

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