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How to mock Spring bean (version 2)


About a year ago, I wrote a blog post how to mock Spring Bean. Patterns described there were little bit invasive to the production code.  As one of the readers Colin correctly pointed out in comment, there is better alternative to spy/mock Spring bean based on @Profile annotation. This blog post is going to describe this technique. I used this ...

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Pointers in Java

Are there pointers in Java? The short answer is “no, there are none” and this seems to be obvious for many developers. But why is it not that obvious for others? That is because the references that Java uses to access objects are very similar to pointers. If you have experience with C programming before Java it ...

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2016 Will be the Year Remembered as When Java Finally Had Window Functions!

You heard right. Up until now, the awesome window functions were a feature uniquely reserved to SQL. Even sophisticated functional programming languages still seem to lack this beautiful functionality (correct me if I’m wrong, Haskell folks). We’ve written tons of blog posts about window functions, evangelising them to our audience, in articles like: Probably the Coolest SQL Feature: Window Functions ...

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Maintain Infrastructure with Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation

The multitude of services and ways to build infrastructure on AWS can easily lead to a hand-crafted snowflake of a system that is hard to maintain over the long term. Often you don’t know who introduced which change or how to reproduce it in a staging environment to test future changes. To counter this problem, AWS developed CloudFormation to keep ...

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When Job Hopping Goes Wrong

While surfing a thread about a potential job change in Reddit’s /r/cscareerquestions (DISCLOSURE: I’m a mod), I read the following comment: “There is no such thing as ruining a career by switching jobs too often” At the time this was the most upvoted comment in the thread, which troubled me because it is rather poor advice. I’ve written about my ...

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Spring Cloud AWS with proxy settings


In my previous article, Spring and Amazon Web Services, I provided a brief introduction to Spring Cloud AWS module and what you as a developer can expect from it at this point in time. One thing that is not obvious from the official documentation is how to use this module when your Internet connection is restricted by a proxy server. ...

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Qualitative Data: The Context that Gives Meaning to Your Big Data

Someone once said “if you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it.” Another version of this belief says: “If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist.” This is a false way of thinking – a fallacy – in fact it is sometimes called the McNamara fallacy. This mindset can have dire consequences in national affairs as well as in personal ...

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Git stash driven development

I’ve found myself using a pattern quite often recently, which I’ve been calling “git stash driven development” – that is, relying heavily on the magic of git stash as part of my development workflow. Normally I follow what I think of as a fairly typical TDD workflow: Write next test, watch it fail Write code to make it pass Commit Refactor ...

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#GeekListener v.9

Merry Christmas, to everyone! Despite of holidays, I’ve found bunch of tweets, which you would probably like to read or comment. If no, just tweet better than authors of current release! So it’s time for #GeekListener v.9. Let’s start! Microservices are in trend and Dan Woods knows this. Microservices must act like fish in a pool. Each independent, but in ...

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