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MySQL Partition Pruning

Recently, we learned an expensive lesson about MySQL partition pruning. There, it is better to share it here so that others will not repeat our mistake. Background In our system, there is a big stats table that does not have primary key and indexes. This table is partitioned, but the lack of indexes often causes the full partition or even ...

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New Webinar: How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Continuous Delivery

The time has come to solve the missing link of the CI/CD toolchain With constant change, comes constant risk. The silent killer of CI/CD initiatives is also its biggest advantage, a side effect of moving too fast when a major component of the same process that pushes releases forward remains outdated and left behind. A common misconception is that Continuous ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The 2017 Complete Java Bundle (95% off)

Embark On Your Coding Odyssey with A Deep Dive (58 Hours!) Into the Most Commonly Used Programming Language Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have an extreme offer. We are offering The 2017 Complete Java Bundle for only $49 instead of the original price of $1,273, yeap that is a massive 96% off. Use Practical ...

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Optional Dependencies in the Java Platform Module System

The Java Platform Module System (JPMS) has a strong opinion on dependencies: By default, they need to be required (to be accessible) and then they need to be present both at compile and at run time. This does not work with optional dependencies, though, where code is written against artifacts that are not necessarily present at run time. Fortunately, the ...

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A journey with Scala

To those who are regular visitors of this blog, it is well known that when it comes to developing code I am a Spring/Java guy. Also I use different technologies like node or python but this depends largely on the project’s needs. Due to some recent projects and courses involving Spark, stumbling on Scala was inevitable. After some investigation I decided ...

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From Macro to Microservices: Jumpstarting Your Transition

In my last article, we went through the reasons why changing from macro to microservices might be a good idea. In this one, we get to the real stuff: How a facade proxy should function to start replacing your old services and/or introducing new ones the easy way, and then how to deploy it to AWS inside a Docker container. ...

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Understanding the first level JPA cache


I can bet that every Java developer at least heard about L1 (aka EntityManager or Session) cache. But is your level of understanding it good enough? If you’re not sure, consider going through this post. At first, we need to know what the persistence context is. Following EntityManager JavaDoc we know, that: “A persistence context is a set of entity instances in which for ...

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Spring Batch Restartability


First of all, I’d like to give a big thank you to the wonderful folks from Spring who have given countless hours of their time to ensure the viability of Spring Batch jobs, and the seemingly magical ability to issue restart on a job! Thank you for this elegant toolset that permit us to tear through massive datasets, while enabling ...

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