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Single Quotes in Oracle Database Index Column Specification


In my previous post, I mentioned that a downside of using double quotes to explicitly specify case in Oracle identifiers is the potential for being confused with the use of single quotes for string literals. Although I don’t personally think this is sufficient reason to avoid use of double quotes for identifiers in Oracle, it is worth being aware of ...

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Exploring Docker’s New Content Trust Feature


Modern development increasingly involves making use of third parties. Whether it’s programming libraries from repositories such as npm or GitHub, using platforms like Azure and AWS, or just copying a code sample from Stack Overflow it’s fair to say that most code used in an application will be written by someone other than the main developer. Docker adds to the ...

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Multi-Tenancy with separate database schemas in Activiti


One feature request we’ve heard in the past is that of running the Activiti engine in a multi-tenant way where the data of a tenant is isolated from the others. Certainly in certain cloud/SaaS environments this is a must. A couple of months ago I was approached by Raphael Gielen, who is a student at the university of Bonn, working ...

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An answer to CircleCI’s Why we’re no longer using Core.typed


CircleCI has recently published a very useful post “Why we’re no longer using Core.typed” that raises some important concerns w.r.t. Typed Clojure that in their particular case led to the cost overweighting the benefits. CircleCI has a long and positive relation to Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant, the main author of core.typed, that has addressed their concerns in his recent Strange Loop talk “Typed ...

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Simpler handling of asynchronous transaction bound events in Spring 4.2


Introduction As you probably already know (e.g. from my previous blog post) it is no longer needed to create a separate class implementing ApplicationListener with onApplicationEvent method to be able to react to application events (both from Spring Framework itself and our own domain events). Starting with Spring 4.2 the support for annotation-driven event listeners was added. It is enough ...

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JLupin Next Server at first glance


The JEE infrastructure has now a new administration solution – JLupin Next Server. It offers a different approach to application implementation. What does it offer? Existing solutions used for implementation of the JEE application are limited. With the new way of application management, JLupin Next Server breaks down all barriers. JEE’s blazed trails Good practices show that the safety of ...

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Java EE 8 MVC: A detailed look at Controllers


Java EE MVC is a new action based MVC framework planned for Java EE 8 and specified in JSR-371. This is the second post of my Java EE 8 MVC tutorial. The first post covered the basics and shows how to get started with Ozark, the Java EE 8 MVC reference implementation. In this post we will have a more ...

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Creating sample HTTPS server for fun and profit


Often during development or/and testing against real-life scenarios we, developers, are facing a need to run a full-fledged HTTPS server, possibly doing some mocking at the same time. On JVM platform, it used to be not trivial at all unless you know the right tool for the job. In this post we are going to create a skeleton of fully ...

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5 Weird Java Questions That Will Make Your Head Spin


Some of the weirdest Java puzzlers that we had a chance to get our hands on Even the most experienced Java developers will find the questions in this post confusing. Or at the very least, amusing (And absolutely unfair). After our adventure with the Java Deathmatch we’ve decided to publish a different set of questions this time around, highlighting some ...

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