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jOOQ Tuesdays: Glenn Paulley Gives Insight into SQL’s History

Welcome to the jOOQ Tuesdays series. In this series, we’ll publish an article on the third Tuesday every other month where we interview someone we find exciting in our industry from a jOOQ perspective. This includes people who work with SQL, Java, Open Source, and a variety of other related topics.               I’m very ...

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An Ingenious Workaround to Emulate Sum Types in Java

Before I move on with the actual article, I’d like to give credit to Daniel Dietrich, author of the awesome Javaslang library, who has had the idea before me:                 @lukaseder try with a static method <T, T1 extends T, … Tn extends T> Seq<T> toSeq(T1 t1, …, Tn tn) { … } ...

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Decentralized Analytics for a Complex World

In 2015, General Stan McChrystal published Team of Teams, New Rules of Engagement For a Complex World. It was the culmination of his experience in adapting to a world that had changed faster than the organization that he was responsible to lead. When he assumed command for the Joint Special Operations Task Force in 2003, he recognized that their typical ...

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Creating JSF/CDI Maven project on Eclipse

While I was working on a JSF and CDI example, I thought it would be useful to mention the steps required to create JSF and CDI Maven project. You can find the bellow steps to do so. Tools Eclipse Luna that’s shipped with the M2E plugin by default. So no need to install the plugin yourself. WildFlye 8.x.     ...

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Insights from Stackoverflow: Most voted for Spring 4 questions


What are the most voted for Spring 4 question asked and answered on Stackoverflow? Here are the top five questions and answers. What’s the difference between @Component, @Controller, @Repository & @Service annotations in Spring, can they be used interchangeable or do they have specific functionality? Where does the @Transaction annotation belong? The DAO class, the service that calls the DAO ...

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Internet Of Things: Integrate Arduino With Yahoo! Using Temboo

Internet of things is the next big thing in the near feature. This technology is growing fast and there are many objects that begin talking each other using internet. Prototyping platforms like Arduino and Raspberry PI are supporting these innovations  and help many developers to create interesting IoT projects. One pillar of this emerging technology is the cloud IoT platforms ...

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Easy Database Manipulation with Groovy and Gradle

Groovy:  The “Enterprise Hipster” Language Not everyone sees the Java programming language as sexy.  However, the Java virtual machine is a dominant force everywhere, from the most conservative enterprise to the most whimsical startup.  There are myriad alternative languages today that compile to Java bytecode.  There are JVM-based versions of Python, Ruby, and multiple implementations of JavaScript.  There are entirely new ...

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Object-Oriented approach to Code Generation

Code Generation is  a common way to reduce the unhealthy load of boring tasks often put on us eager code grunts. Many code generation frameworks I have seen use a template-replace-repeat approach where you write a template for how the generated code file should look and then replace certain keywords and repeat other sections to produce the specific file you ...

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Stream Processing Everywhere – What to Use?

Processing data from social media streams and sensors devices in real time is becoming increasingly prevalent, and there are plenty of open source solutions to choose from. Here is the presentation that I gave at Strata+Hadoop World, where I compared three popular Apache projects that allow you to do stream processing: Apache Storm, Apache Spark, and Apache Samza. This blog ...

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