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NetBeans SQL Profiler – Take it for a Spin!

The upcoming release of NetBeans, currently in active development and testing, boasts plenty of new features.  A few of them include EMCAScript 6 Support, Docker Support, JavaShell Support, and SQL Profiling.  In the latest nightly builds, the SQL Profiler is now available for use, so I took it for a test spin.  In this post, I’ll run through just a ...

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Apache Storm: How to configure KafkaBolt with Flux


Flux in a mini framework that can help us define and deploy a Storm topology. Flux has various wrappers that help you define the required stream(s) and initialize your Bolts and Spouts (using constructor with or without arguments and call custom configuration methods automatically via reflection). What you only need to use Flux is to add it as dependency in ...

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What is Spring Boot and why it is a preferred framework for creating Micro Services

Why create Micro Services using Spring Boot? Spring boot is a well known preferred framework in Java landscape for creating Micro Services . Using Spring boot framework, Java applications can be created very easily without much efforts. We will see now some of  the features of Spring boot framework which makes it ideal contender for creating Micro Services. 1.Let’s first see ...

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How to Migrate to Microservices

Want to read more on the process of migrating to microservices? Read the full eBook on “How to Build (and Scale) with Microservices” here! Today, modern enterprise is rushing head first into an always-on, digital-centric, mobile world. Organizations that fail to modify their approach to technology will be left by the wayside as others incorporate highly flexible and scalable architectures ...

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FizzBuzz Kata With Java Streams

After only a couple of weeks of Judo practice, my son got bored. He complained that he wasn’t learning anything, because he kept doing the same thing over and over. It’s not just young children that confuse learning and doing new things. For instance, how many software developers go through the trouble of deliberate practice by performing katas or attending dojos? It may seem ...

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Deploying WildFly Swarm Applications To Heroku

WildFly Swarm applications can be deployed to Heroku, simply by adding a few files to the deployment. In this post, I’ll show the changes that are needed to be made to a WildFly Swarm application and how to then deploy the application to Heroku. I’ll show how to deploy my Fruits example WildFly Swarm application to Heroku. The source for ...

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How to put the JBoss HR Employee Rewards project into the Cloud


We have been discussing why application developers can’t ignore their stack anymore in the  App Dev Cloud Stack series. We talked about the various layers from the bottom up, but have yet to provide you with any application development tooling beyond the Red Hat  Container Development Kit (CDK). All you have so far is an easy to install project called the ...

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Solving Problems with the Right Technology: Hadoop and RDBMS

In some circles today there is a sort of ‘Hadoop vs. RDBMS’ debate ongoing. Often the discussion casts Hadoop as the obvious heir apparent in the data processing world, with RDBMS cast as your father’s Oldsmobile. This debate is somewhat misdirected and the discussion could lead organizations away from the strategy they really should be following, namely a strategy of ...

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