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Microservices trouble? Lagom is here to help. Try it!


The cake is backed. We’re proud to announce that the new Apache licensed microservice framework Lagom is available on GitHub! While other frameworks focus on packaging and instance startup, Lagom redefines the way that Java developers build microservice based applications. Services are asynchronous. Intra-service communication is managed for you. Streaming is out of the box. Your microservices are resilient by ...

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Java A’s new Local-Variable Type Inference

News could hardly get more exciting than this, for a programming language aficionado! There is now a JEP 286 for Local-Variable Type Inference with status “Candidate”. And a request for feedback by Brian Goetz, which I would love to invite you to participate in: Please do so, the survey remains open only from March 9 to March 16! This ...

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Lambda of Lambda, if/else from an Optional

So I got frustrated with two limitations of the Optional interface in JDK 8. The first problem is that there is no obvious way to perform an else operation in a block as there is only a isPresent method unless you are using an old school if statement. The second problem is of course the old chestnut that even if ...

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How to Get Started Using Apache Spark GraphX with Scala

Editor’s Note: Don’t miss our new free on-demand training course about how to create data pipeline applications using Apache Spark – learn more here. This post will help you get started using Apache Spark GraphX with Scala on the MapR Sandbox. GraphX is the Apache Spark component for graph-parallel computations, built upon a branch of mathematics called graph theory. It ...

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Autoscaling on Complex Telemetry

Autoscaling to meet system demand is one of the most important techniques for cloud deployments. Too many machines waste money, too few machines lose it. Autoscaling effectively is hugely important for a business as system size increases, but doing so is a challenge, owing to the nature of the tools available to us as engineers. In this article, I will ...

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Docker Flow: Blue-Green Deployment and Relative Scaling

Since the first time I laid my hands on Docker, I started writing scripts that I’ve been running as my continuous deployment flow. I ended up with Shell scripts, Ansible playbooks, Chef cookbooks, Jenkins Pipelines, and so on. Each of those had a similar (not to say the same) objective inside a different context. I realized that was a huge ...

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UI Developers! Choose Sensible Default Ordering!

Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions. ― Mark Twain Today, let’s look at one piece of experience and how we can turn that into good decisions when implementing UI logic. Please, all UI developers read this. The bad decision When UI developers display tabular data, it is very common for the table to offer sorting ...

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Few maven tips and tricks

I was working on migrating an existing application that was using WebLogic Workshop (yes you read it right, using an IDE that is out of support) to maven. There were a few gotchas during the journey which i wanted to jot down here for anyone who might find it useful and specially for myself just as a reference. The overall ...

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