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Giveaway Alert: The New Google Pixel & Friends

Want to Level Up Your Smartphone Experience? Well, you have come to the right place! We are giving away The New Google Pixel & Friends Enter Now to Win a $977 Smartphone! Google is so much more than a search engine. But you knew that, didn’t you? Well, you may not have fully appreciated just how much Google has risen to ...

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Secure Spring Boot REST API using Basic Authentication


This is the third post of my Spring Boot Blog post series. In the very first post, I talked about my experience with creating RESTFul Services using Spring Boot. Then I have expanded the sample to integrate with Swagger documentation. In this post, I am going to expand above sample with security aspect. What is API Security API Security is a ...

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Is Java Certification Worth It?

Gaining a certification in any profession always has its pros and cons, but it seems like in the world of technology there is even more turmoil. With such a demand for skilled tech workers, there are a number of routes into the industry including an academic certification approach and a more self-taught portfolio-based approach. But is Java certification worth pursuing ...

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Java Command-Line Interfaces (Part 22): argparser

John Lloyd‘s argparser is the library covered in this twenty-second post of the series on Java-based command line argument parsing. The main page for the library provides links to Javadoc-based API documentation, a JAR file, a ZIP file, and a TAR file in addition to a single source code example. The example used in this post is similar to the ...

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Getting started with Spring Data Cassandra

I have recently been learning Apache Cassandra to use at work and I think it is about time I consolidated my experience within a blog post. But rather than focusing on how Cassandra works itself this post will look at how to use Spring Data Cassandra. I know I just said I wouldn’t focus on how Cassandra works, but if ...

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Integrate CloudWatch Logs with Cloudhub Mule


In this blog, i will explain how to enable AWS Cloudwatch Logs for your Mule CloudHub Application. Cloudwatch Logs Services are provided by AWS so that you can better mange your logs. It is relatively cheaper than splunk. Since cloudhub automatically rolls over logs more than 100 MB, we require a mechanism to manage our logs more efficiently. For this, we ...

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Apache Camel 2.20 released – What’s new

Apache Camel 2.20 has been released today and as usual I am tasked to write a blog about this great new release and what’s the highlights.                     The release has the following highlights. 1) Java 9 technical preview support We have started our work to support Java 9 and this release ...

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Spring Batch CSV Processing


Overview Topics we will be discussing include the essential concepts of batch processing with Spring Batch and how to import the data from a CSV into a database. 0 – Spring Batch CSV Processing Example Application We are building an application that demonstrates the basics of Spring Batch for processing CSV files. Our demo application will allow us to process ...

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