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Securing NoSQL Databases: Use the Force

With stories of the thefts of millions of credit card records and sensitive employee data at some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies dominating recent headlines, it’s not surprising that organizations are doubling down on security. Security is finally starting to get top management’s attention. Ponemon Institute’s 2015 security report found that 55 percent of top executives rated ...

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Does my method look big in this?

How big is the following Java method? public Collection getDescription() { SystemLibrary systemLib = registry.get(SystemLibrary.class); Analysis analysis = systemLib.getCurrentAnalysis(registry); return getDescription(analysis); } This humble method locates some sort of system library, retrieves an Analysis, and returns a description of that Analysis. But how big would you say it is? Would you say it is 3 lines of code long? If ...

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An introduction to the Oracle Service Bus


We are in the process of designing a new system for a telecommunication provider where we have looked at the Oracle Service Bus (OSB) to be used as the enterprise service bus. One of the first plus points for me was the amazing tooling support it encompasses. Oracle has integrated all their enterprise integration software stack into a cohesive whole ...

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An introduction to working with JAXB


I am in the process of migrating a few modules that are dependent on Apache XMLBeans to JAXB. It has been an exciting and challenging few days. I thought of jotting down a few important things I came across for anyone who might find it useful in the future. First of all, let us look at setting up the maven plugin ...

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Retrospective


I recently wrapped up attending the SpringOne Platform conference in Las Vegas. This was my first time attending SpringOne; it was an experience listening to talks and having conversations with some of the top experts in software development. If you didn’t attend SpringOne, you’ll definitely want to read this post. We’ll go over these four themes and how to potentially ...

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How I Chose my Replacement for Part 2

You probably recently received the “Next Steps from the Parse Team” newsletter in your inbox in which you were urged to take immediate action as it pertains to migrating your apps. Or at least, you’re aware of the ultimate January 28, 2017 deadline for migrating your apps. While you should take such reminders seriously, there’s no need to panic. ...

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Remembering to Reset Thread Context Class Loader

I’m having a difficult time thinking of anything I like less about working with Java than working with class loaders. This is particularly true when working with application servers or OSGi where the use of multiple class loaders is prevalent and the ability to use class loaders transparently is reduced. I agree with the OSGI Alliance Blog post What You ...

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Testing Spark Streaming: Unit testing

There is enough evidence to prove the importance of automated testing. Projects in new fields often neglect automated testing, as the domain itself steals the attention of the developers. However, lack of testing implies ‘laugh now, cry later’. Some of the tools around Big Data space have been architected around testability or, at least, the community has taken care of ...

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