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Android design support library: TextInputLayout – floating label


Android design support library introduced some important new widget that help developer to create consistent UI following material design guidelines. One of the new component shipped by Android design support library is TextInputLayout that is used to animate EditText labels. To do the job, TextInputLayout uses an EditText attribute, called hint.To show how to use TextInputLayout and EditText, we will ...

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A Problem With Convention-Over-Configuration


Convention-over-configuration is a convenient thing. Instead of writing tons of configuration in xml/yaml/json/whatever, you simply know that something will have a given default value. For example, the restful endpoint URL may have a value of /class-name/method-name, or a join table will be named mainEntity_joinField. A “view” can be populated by default with the input parameters of the controller method or ...

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Akka Typed Actors: Exploring the receptionist pattern


In this article we’ll explore another of Akka-Typed patterns. This time we’ll show you how you can use the receptionist patterns. This is the third and last article on a series on Akka-Typed. The other two articles can also be found on this site. If you don’t know anything about Akka-Typed yet, it’s a good idea to first read the ...

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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7.0 ALPHA released!


Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (JBoss EAP 7) is a middleware platform built on open standards and compliant with the Java Enterprise Edition 7 specification. It integrates WildFly Application Server 10 with high-availability clustering, messaging, distributed caching, and other technologies. The latest JBoss EAP 7.0 Alpha release is now available to download! JBoss EAP 7.0 Alpha is the ...

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Integrate MongoDB to your Spring project


This article shows how to integrate MongoDB to your spring project through annotation configuration. We will begin with our Gradle configuration. group 'com.gkatzioura.spring' version '1.0-SNAPSHOT' buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-gradle-plugin:1.2.7.RELEASE") } } apply plugin: 'java' apply plugin: 'eclipse' apply plugin: 'idea' apply plugin: 'spring-boot' jar { baseName = 'mdb-spring-boot' version = '0.1.0' } repositories { mavenCentral() ...

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A Primer on Microservices


Introduction Microservices are components of an application developed as independent services. The concept of microservice is all about breaking down your application into independent set of services. Often when writing a monolithic application, the code base can grow quickly and in spite of being well-structured, debugging, performing changes, applying fixes and deploying can become challenging and nightmarish. One approach obviously ...

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Mesos and YARN: A tale of two clusters


This is a tale of two siloed clusters. The first cluster is an Apache Hadoop cluster. This is an island whose resources are completely isolated to Hadoop and its processes. The second cluster is the description I give to all resources that are not a part of the Hadoop cluster. I break them up this way because Hadoop manages its ...

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Devoxx Belgium 2015 – Final thoughts


Well yet another Devoxx is over for me, it must the 5th of 6th time (or more) can’t remember to be honest. It’s 3 years since my last one, so it was kind of a come back :). Devoxx (Belgium) is growing, actually it is the first time that I have seen so many people. The venue must have increased ...

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