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Enterprise Spring examples and integration tests


There was longer gap in my blog, because I was busy writing book Pivotal Certified Spring Enterprise Integration Specialist Exam – A Study Guide. This book is example heavy. Fortunately Apress agreed to open source all these examples. Therefore there is quite extensive collection of Spring examples available in this GitHub repository. Altogether  146 Spring examples with integration tests. Most of ...

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How view parameters are obtained/attached from/to the URL query string (examples) ?


Let’s dissect several simple use cases and see how view parameters works (view parameters names are not mandatory to match the request parameters passed via URL query string, but in this post we will focus on this case): CASE 1 In index.xhtml page we have: <f:metadata> <f:viewParam name="playernameparam" value="#{playersBean.playerName}"/> <f:viewParam name="playersurnameparam" value="#{playersBean.playerSurname}"/> </f:metadata> ... <h:form> Enter name:<h:inputText value="#{playersBean.playerName}"/> Enter surname:<h:inputText ...

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Testing AKKA application with Spock


AKKA is message-driven and actor model based concurrency toolkit. Although it’s written in Scala, AKKA can be used in any JVM based language project. This post tries to fill the gap of missing information about writing good tests in polyglot JVM projects that leverage AKKA framework. In multi language JVM projects my obvious choice of testing tool is Spock. Powered ...

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Kernel Load-Balancing for Docker Containers Using IPVS


Yesterday at DockerCon Europe, Andrey Sibiryov, a senior engineer at Uber Technologies, demonstrated how to improve load-balancing performance using an open-source technology that’s been part of the Linux kernel for more than a decade — IPVS. Andrey Sibiryov discusses IPVS at DockerCon Europe. What Is IPVS? To be precise, IPVS (IP Virtual Server) has been in the kernel for 15 ...

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Getting Started With EAP 7 Alpha and Java EE 7


Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (JBoss EAP 7) is a middleware platform built on open standards and compliant with the Java Enterprise Edition 7 specification. Built on top of innovative and proven open source technologies like WildFly, it will make Java EE 7 development a lot easier. Here is a quick guide on how to get started with ...

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Tips for a friendly open source experience


Open source has moved from being an important actor in software development to being central for plenty of people, especially thanks to Github. Most of us are simple users of OSS (Open-source software) but being brave and taking a step forward and becoming a contributor, or even an owner, could help you massively in different ways: Collaborating with clever people ...

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Java 8 Streams: filter and predicate negation


Recently there was an interesting discussion on the use of predicate negation in the .filter method on a stream by members of the LJC mailing list, so I thought it would be worth summarising it in a blog post. The discussion was about ways to use .filter and to negate the predicate. Code for this post is available in my ...

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Using a rective stream as a data source for Drools


A few months ago we started redesigning the Drools lowest level executable model and making it accessible to end user with a Java 8 API. To demonstrate the flexibility of this approach I tried to integrate it with a reactive stream and in particular to use this stream as a data source for Drools. To show how this works I ...

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My personal CRUD story – or how i came to CUBA platform


In this blog post i’d like to lay out how i came to the CUBA platform and what the benefits of this tool are. I’ll dig a little into the different phases on my young “business application development” history, just to give you a little context. So let’s start with how i came to the typical CRUD applications to help ...

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Tell, don’t ask


about rules and principles Some time ago I wrote about the Law of Demeter, about the advantages of following this law. Today I would like to write about the “Tell, don’t ask” principle. The principle that is, at least in my opinion, the starting point for the mentioned law. Following LoD is one of the consequences of applying the TDA ...

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