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Deploy Spring Boot Application on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk


In this blog, we are going to see how to deploy a Spring boot application on Amazon ElasticBeanstalk. Amazon ElasticBeanstalk has a preconfigured Java environment, which could be used to deploy a Spring Boot JAR which has the servlet container inside it. For our example, we will use maven as the build tool here. Step 1 : The first step ...

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JDK 9 @Deprecated Annotation Enhancements


In the post What Might a New @Deprecated Look Like?, I used the description of JEP 277 (“Enhanced Deprecation”) at that time to guide the creation of an enhanced customized @Deprecated annotation. Since that post, however, there have been significant changes made in JEP 277. This post summarizes the changes and the currently planned enhancements to @Deprecated that are slated ...

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Tutorial: Using PySpark and the MapR Sandbox


PySpark is a Spark API that allows you to interact with Spark through the Python shell. If you have a Python programming background, this is an excellent way to get introduced to Spark data types and parallel programming. PySpark is a particularly flexible tool for exploratory big data analysis because it integrates with the rest of the Python data analysis ...

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Spring Batch: Multiple Format Output Writer


Being a strong advocate of Spring Batch, I’ve always talked about the notion of Spring Batch providing developers with a framework that allows them to focus on solving business needs. By doing so, it allows developers to not spend an inordinate amount of time solving all of the technical aspects to support the solution. To illustrate what I mean by ...

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Show (Don’t Tell) Me That You Haven’t Stopped Learning


Whether through my recruiting work or my resume writing and coaching, I frequently review resumes that lead off with some kind of statement alluding to the candidate being a dedicated lifelong learner. Intellectual curiosity and a desire to keep skills current is something that many hiring companies will value, so it’s generally a good idea to convey those traits if you possess ...

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6 Docker .NET App Templates To Get You Started On Containers


This is the first blog of a three part blog series that discusses the automated deployment of .NET applications on both Linux and Windows containers. In this blog, we will cover the deployment of very basic ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC applications on Linux containers using HyperForm, a deployment automation platform that simplifies the application journey to containers. The blog covers ...

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Java SE 8 new features tour: Calculating timespans with the new DateTime API


Cleaner, readable, and powerful coding with Java SE 8 New DateTime API JSR 310 ….. In the previous article “Processing Collections with Streams API”; I have deeply dived into explanation, and exploration on how to traversing collections with streams, Creating streams from collections and arrays, and finally Aggregating stream values.In this article of the “Java SE 8 new features tour” ...

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