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Hibernate Architecture Overview

The diagram below provides a high-level view of the Hibernate architecture: Minimal architecture The “minimal” architecture has the application manage its own JDBC connections and provide those connections to Hibernate; additionally the application manages transactions for itself. This approach uses a minimal subset of Hibernate APIs. Comprehensive architecture Hibernate Basic APIs Here are quick discussions about some of the API ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Complete Python Programming Bundle (93% off)

Take a Deep Dive Into a Wide Range of Python’s Many Capabilities Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 93% off on The Complete Python Programming Bundle. Get it now with only $79, instead of its original price of $1,176. Python Programming for Beginners Designed for beginners, ...

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Thinking About What to Call Team Members and Managers

Bob Sutton (@work_matters) tweeted this the other day: Perhaps companies ought to stop using “IC” or “Individual Contributor.” It seems to absolve such employees from helping others I retweeted it and we had some back-and-forth about what to call people i organizations. Let’s eliminate these words for people who are not managers: Individual Contributor: There are no one-person projects or ...

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The Best Programming Languages for Each Situation

There is a question that many people take as a sign that the questioner does not understand the subject at all. Some people even find it enraging. The question is usually in the form What is the best X? What is the best car? What is the best programming language? But at the same time it is a question that we ...

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Use Precise Java Method Parameters

Learn how to pick the right method parameter types and get more robust and shorter code in your Java applications. We Java developers generally have a bad habit of using method parameters without thinking of what is actually needed and just picking whatever we are used to, what we have available or whatever first comes into mind. Consider the following ...

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How to shoot yourself in the foot building a Java Agent

Over the years of building Plumbr, we have encountered many challenging problems. Among others, making the Plumbr Java Agent perform reliably without endangering the customers’ applications, is a particularly tricky one. To safely gather all the required telemetry from a live system poses a huge set of problems to tackle. Some of them are quite straightforward while some of them ...

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Defining “Scaling” Agile, Part 4: Sharing Agile Outside of Product Development

Here’s where we are so far in this discussion of what it might mean to “scale” agile approaches: Part 1: Creating Cross-Functional Feature Teams (Teams that can produce features on a regular basis) Part 2: Programs of Cross-Functional Feature Teams (Programs (multiple teams working together) that deliver features on a regular basis) Part 3: Agile Product Development (Adaptive and continual planning ...

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Cleaner parameterized tests with JUnit 5

The general idea of parameterized unit tests is to run the same test method for different data. Creating parameterized tests in JUnit 4 is far from being perfect. There are many issues with the existing architecture: parameters are defined as class fields and constructor is needed to create them, parameterized and non-parameterized tests cannot be mixed in one test class ...

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