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Java 9, Jigsaw, JPMS, and Modules: A Personal Exploration

Java 9 delayed so many times because of Project Jigsaw, and you may be heard a lot of thing about modules, modularity, and other stuff, so, what it’s all about? What the heck is modularization and what do we mean by modularized platform? Java Platform Module System (JPMS)? Is it going to be a revolution in Java ecosystem? This post is my ...

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Introduction to WSO2 Registry Mounting


This post is based on the common questions raised about registry mounting and how it works etc. Below are the main questions people ask: 1). How mounting works? 2). What is the difference between Config Registry and Governance Registry? 3). Can I use databases other than H2 for Local Registry? 4). What is meant by mount path and target path? ...

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GC Explained: Algorithms

As described in the previous post, we have four different garbage collectors available in HotSpot JVM. There are some significant differences between them, but the actual concepts behind the algorithms which are used to do the actual job are quite similar. In this short post, I will try to explain three basic algorithms: Mark-sweep Mark-sweep-compact Mark-copy GC Roots Before we ...

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Java Application Performance Monitoring: End-to-end performance of complex distributed applications

Discover faster, more efficient performance monitoring with an enterprise APM product learning from your apps. Take the AppDynamics APM Guided Tour! Monitor Java application performance — focused on business transactions — end-to-end in the most complex and distributed environments. Auto-discovered business transactions, dynamic baselining, code-level diagnostics, and Virtual War Room collaboration ensure rapid issue identification and resolution to maintain an ...

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Using Gmail as SMTP server from Java, Spring Boot apps


Gmail users can use Gmail’s SMTP server to send emails from their Spring Boot apps. For this let us do some setup in the app: Provide SMTP connection properties in the file: spring.mail.username=<your gmail/google app email> spring.mail.password=***** spring.mail.port=587 Use Spring Boot Email tools library – which is a wrapper over Spring Boot Email starter library. ...

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[MEGA DEAL] The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle (94% off)

Prove You’re More Than A One-Trick Programming Pony with This Massive (57+ Hours) Training In The MEAN Stack Hey fellow geeks, This week, on our JCG Deals store, we have another extreme offer. We are offering a massive 94% off on The Full Stack JavaScript Bundle. Get it now with only $38, instead of the original price of $719. Learn ...

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Idiomatic concurrency: flatMap() vs. parallel() – RxJava FAQ

Simple, effective and safe concurrency was one of the design principles of RxJava. Yet, ironically, it’s probably one of the most misunderstood aspects of this library. Let’s take a simple example: imagine we have a bunch of UUIDs and for each one of them we must perform a set of tasks. The first problem is to perform I/O intensive operation per ...

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Java Message System Introduction


Java Message System In this article, I will talk about Message Orientated Middleware (MOM) and how it is implemented in Enterprise Java by JMS. Also, I will discuss the typical use cases which suit the use of JMS and different terminology used to talk about messaging solutions such as Publisher/Sender, Destination/Topic/Queue and Subscriber/Receiver. I will introduce the two types of ...

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