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Workshop outputs from How Architects nurture Technical Excellence

Workshop background Earlier this week, I ran a workshop at the first ever Agile Europe conference organised by the Agile Alliance in Gdansk, Poland. As described in the abstract: Architects and architecture are often considered dirty words in the agile world, yet the Architect role and architectural thinking are essential amplifiers for technical excellence, which enable software agility. In this ...

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Ceylon on Android

In my last post, I explained how you can use Ceylon in Apache Cordova to write applications for every mobile platform, including iOS and Android. This time, with many apologies for writing it late (“next week” turned into next month), I will explain how to use the Ceylon IntelliJ plugin to write native Android applications in Ceylon in Android Studio. ...

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Kubernetes Cluster on Azure and Expose Couchbase Service

This blog is part of a multi-part blog series that shows how to run your applications on Kubernetes. It will use the Couchbase, an open source NoSQL distributed document database, as the  Docker container. Part 1 explained how to start Kubernetes cluster using Vagrant – Kubernetes on Vagrant Part 2 did the same for Amazon Web Services – Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services Part 3 did the same for ...

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Red Hat Container Development Kit installation in just minutes (video)


Since I started playing around with OpenShift in its various forms, such as Online with cartridges and then later as containerized images, nothing has gotten me more excited than the availability of the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK). This kit has made it possible to easily gain access to a full, product based installation of OpenShift as you would interact ...

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Coordination in Akka

This is the fifth post in the series about integrating sync clients with async systems (1, 2, 3, 4). Here we’ll see how to manage the actor’s lifecycle, so our service can use the available resources efficiently. Lifecycle Actors, threads, objects, resources… All of them have different states during their lifetime. Some of those states are internal and they shape ...

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Back to the CompletableFuture: Java 8 Feature Highlight

CompletableFuture vs Future: going async with Java 8 new features Java 8 was released on March 2014 and arrived with a long list of new features. One of the less talked about, extremely useful yet misunderstood features is a brand new and improved extension to the Future interface: CompletableFuture<T>. In the following post we’ll present an overall view of CompletableFuture, ...

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Ensuring Containers Are Always Running with Docker’s Restart Policy

Getting a notification that Docker containers are down in production is one of the worst ways to spend your night. In today’s article, we’ll discuss how to use Docker’s restart policy to automatically restart containers and avoid those late-night notifications. What Happens When an Application Crashes? Before we get started with Docker’s restart policy, let’s understand a bit more about ...

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