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The Complete Guide to Java Logging in Production

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It’s no secret that log files are noisy and difficult to investigate. With the sheer volume of data coming in from our applications, you would think we would have meaningful insight into the health of those applications and the root cause of issues when things go wrong. More often though, the logs are too noisy and don’t actually contain the information that we need.

Clearly, the value of our log files is entirely dependent on what, and how, we decide to write to the logs in the first place.

So, we set out to understand how developers use logs by looking at 779,236 logging statements on GitHub. What went in? What was left out? And what does all this mean for the value of our log files?

In this eBook, you’ll discover how the world’s leading companies choose how and what to log (based on analysis of GitHub’s top 400,000 repositories).


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The Complete Guide to Java Logging in Production includes:

  1. How do GitHub’s top Java projects use logs?
  2. Is standard Java logging dead?
  3. Why can’t production logs help you find the real root cause of your errors?
  4. What’s the top Java logging method on GitHub?
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