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The 3 Essential Building Blocks of Continuous Testing

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Perfecto is a cloud-based platform for web, mobile & IoT software testing. Perfecto mobilizes your brand by helping perfect the digital experiences that define it. Their complete, cloud-based lab helps enterprise teams deliver Continuous Quality for native apps and web using real devices in real end-user environments. Visit Perfecto at https://www.perfectomobile.com/ .

Testing is essential to ensure that your software retains an acceptable quality level and provides a great experience for your users. And automating as much of your testing strategy as possible will help improve efficiencies across your entire DevOps pipeline. At first glance, “automated testing” and “continuous testing” might seem interchangeable, however, Continuous Testing (CT), which descends from Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) principles, isn’t primarily about automation; it’s about business risk – especially the risk of losing your competitive advantage and loyal customer base.

The key conceptual difference between test automation and CT is that releasing a sub-standard piece of software is bad for your business. In the best case, customers are disappointed. In the worst case, they leave and don’t come back. Continuous testing is all about making sure that despite quicker release schedules, your brand’s reputation and the user experience are protected. Risk avoidance is at the heart of CT.

In this book you will find a 5-Step Plan For Building a Continuous Testing Foundation. Enjoy!


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The 3 Essential Building Blocks of Continuous Testing includes:

  1. Increasing Automation to Decrease Business Risk
  2. The 3 Fundamentals of CT
  3. People Challenges
  4. Process
  5. Technology
  6. 8 Considerations for Executives When Planning For Continuous Testing
  7. A 5-Step Plan for Building your CT Foundation
  8. Start Small and Grow Your CT
  9. Minimize risk – Develop the CT Mindset Across the Organization
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