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Distributed Logging Architecture for Microservices

In this article we will see what are the best practices we need to follow while logging micro services and the architecture to handle distributed logging in micro services world. As we all know micro services runs on multiple hosts. To fulfill a single business requirement, we might need to talk to multiple services running on different machines. So, the ...

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5 Data Science Online Courses to Stay Ahead of the Game

We are in the information age. Almost everything depends on data and information. Especially businesses keep optimizing the way they handle the enormous amount of data using practices of Data Science and Machine Learning to accelerate their growth and profits. Data science is a popular field, mostly because of the continuing technology evolution. Machines today can process and storage large ...

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Concerns About The Blockchain Technology

The so-called (and marketing-branded) “blockchain technology” is promised to revolutionize every industry. Anything, they say, will become decentralized, free from middle men or government control. Services will thrive on various installments of the blockchain, and smart contracts will automatically enforce any logic that is related to the particular domain. I don’t mind having another technological leap (after the internet), and ...

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Modeling has_many Relationships with DynamoDB

Recently our team had the requirement of storing data coming from sensors, and we chose DynamoDB for its ability to handle a massive amount of data efficiently. As a fully managed NoSQL database service with the promise of high-performance and scalability, DynamoDB was a perfect choice. Coming from a strong SQL background and being a fan of using ORM such ...

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Pimp my Git – Manage Different Git Identities

I usually work on different Git projects that need different Git identities. My work flow for new repositories was Clone new repository. Go to cloned repository. If it is necessary to change the Git identity, call a shell script that runs `git config user.name “Sandra Parsick”; git config user.email [email protected]` I was never happy with this solution, but it works. ...

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