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Creating a SQL Database Project for Isolated Development

Introduction Working with a team of developers often poses challenges and causes frustrations with managing the development database. There are many good approaches to solving the problems of interfering with each others’ code, but my preferred solution has become the SQL Server Database Project in Visual Studio. This article will show you how to take an existing SQL database and ...

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Creating Expedient Microservices in Rust and Diesel

Rust is one of the most talked about languages out there right now. While the language just hit 1.0 last May, it has quickly developed in stability and features. Because of this rapid but stable growth, Rust has really caught the attention of many in the programming world. However, what makes Rust so attractive? Is it worth our time and ...

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Model-View-Controller (MVC) is an architectural pattern we all are well aware of. It’s a de-facto standard for almost all UI and Web frameworks. It is convenient and easy to use. It is simple and effective. It is a great concept … for a procedural programmer. If your software is object-oriented, you should dislike MVC as much as I do. Here ...

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Create stunning IoT project with Artik IoT platform and Raspberry

Artik IoT platform is an end-to-end IoT platform that helps us to build awesome IoT project. It is an open platform that enables different devices to connect to the cloud. Using Artik IoT, connected devices or sensors send data to the cloud. Application, services or other connected devices use this information according to their business requirements. As you may already ...

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Kafka Connect and Kafka REST API on MapR: Streaming Just Became a Whole Lot Easier!

In my previous blogpost, I explained the three major components of a streaming architecture. Most streaming architectures have three major components – producers, a streaming system, and consumers. Producers (such as Apache Flume) publish event data into a streaming system after collecting it from the data source, transforming it into the desired format, and optionally filtering, aggregating, and enriching it. ...

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Making queries on demand: MongoDB outbound gateway

1- Introduction In order to read data from MongoDb, Spring Integration comes with the MongoDb inbound channel adapter. This adapter uses a poller to continuously retrieve documents from the database. However, sometimes we may need to query the database on demand, based on the result of another endpoint. Taking advantage of Spring’s extensibility, I implemented a MongoDb outbound gateway. The ...

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What is architecture?

On a regular basis we hear people talk of good and bad architecture, but what is architecture?   Before I describe software architecture, let’s see if we can come to an agreement of what architecture is.  What are the components of architecture, and what value does architecture have.   Architecture provides the structural and connective framework required for a system of components to ...

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Why Value Types Are Important For A Maintainable Software

Some weeks ago I read a tweet which contained this picture and someone said:”That’s the reason why Value Types are helpful!”. After that I remembered situations happened some years ago and I decided to write a blog post about it. During some projects I’ve seen a lot of valdiation code which was quite crazy. Most of the time there were ...

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