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You’re Doing It Wrong: Deadlines

We know that deadlines drive behavior. That’s why in scrum, and other agile methodologies, we timebox the development with those deadlines. They tell us: Focus on the important stuff, and make sure it’s done properly. Since they are good in essence, let’s see how we muck them up. Here’s the process. We prepare for the sprint, splitting stories, asking for ...

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How to Manage a Manager?

No secret, we you all have managers. Some of them are great, while many are simply idiots. What do you do if you happen to have a boss that fits perfectly into this dominating category? Quit and try to find a better place? This may sound like good advice, but you know as well as I do that a new boss most ...

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Creating Milestones with Iteration-Based Agile

I’ve been coaching several teams with a problem: they like to work in iterations. And, they have milestones that are not on a milestone boundary. What should they do? (I suggested flow and you should have heard their response. Well, maybe not.) Here’s why people want these milestones: The team can’t deliver (for whatever reason) as continuous delivery. The PO (or someone ...

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Possibilities for Managing Individual and Team Compensation

There’s a twitter conversation about how to manage team compensation. How can we pay people what they are worth and compensate a team for their value? I know there are teams where I was quite valuable—not because I was “the” leader, but because I helped the team achieve our goals. And, there are teams where I was not as valuable. I ...

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Defining “Scaling” Agile, Part 6: Creating the Agile Organization

We might start to think about agile approaches as a project change. However, if you want to “scale” agile, the entire culture changes. Here is a list of the series and how everything changes the organization’s culture: Defining “Scaling” Agile, Part 1: Creating Cross-Functional Feature Teams. Without feature teams, I don’t see how you can have the necessary collaboration for ...

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4 Daily Scrum Tips for Product Owners & Product Managers

The Daily Scrum meeting is a common meeting for agile teams. But I still find that some product managers and owners aren’t sure if and when they should attend it. This post shares my recommendations on if, how often, and how you should participate in the Daily Scrum. Tip #1: Know what it’s all about The Daily Scrum meeting, sometimes ...

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What are you defining as “Done”?

Agility is why most organizations adopt Scrum. The actual agility an organization achieves is rooted in how sophisticated Scrum is being employed. Beyond the mere adoption of Scrum, enterprise agility is much accelerated if the organization re-emerges its structures around Scrum. With re-vers-ify I remind people that structures need to be re-imagined, rather than predicted or copied, often upon re-imagining Scrum. Through ...

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Defining “Scaling” Agile, Part 5: Agile Management

One of the challenges I see in organizations is how managers can use agile approaches. One of the biggest problems is that the entire organization is organized for resource efficiency (think silos of functional experts). Agile approaches use flow efficiency. Thinking in flow efficiency changes everything.               Many people in organizations believe that dividing ...

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Thinking About What to Call Team Members and Managers

Bob Sutton (@work_matters) tweeted this the other day: Perhaps companies ought to stop using “IC” or “Individual Contributor.” It seems to absolve such employees from helping others I retweeted it and we had some back-and-forth about what to call people i organizations. Let’s eliminate these words for people who are not managers: Individual Contributor: There are no one-person projects or ...

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