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Idan Fridman
Idan is Software engineer with experience in Server side technologies. Idan is responsible for various infrastructure models in the software industry(Telecommunications, Finance).

Business Oriented Programming: Your key for rapid development


I believe that the key to build a successful project with great time-to-market is first to understand the business requirements. Many developers have their first tendency to think on the technology or the architecture design. I cant blame them. Thats one of the most fun parts. But If one wont understand the project/company demands he will run out of focus quickly. The ...

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How to use geolocation with Redis 3.2


Recently I was looking for a solution how to tell if couple of Longitudes, Latitudes actually in the same Radius. So in the beginning I was thinking using Elasticsearch to store all my geo-locations and use their mechanism in order to search whether a point is within the requested Radius of other points. Elastic-search is great product but I wasn’t sure if I wanted ...

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How to exclude libraries from all dependencies in Gradle


I am using Spring boot. Spring boot by default comes with logback. I wanted to use log4j (for whatever reasons..) In order to do that I had to exclude logback and add new log4j dependencies: Logback is “hidden” inside this package: compile("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter:$project.ext.springBootVersion") { exclude module: 'org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-logging' } compile("org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-starter-log4j:$project.ext.springBatchVersion") Now when you try to run app you get this Exception: SLF4J: Class ...

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My Exprience using ElasticSearch NodeJS and ExpressJS


General requirement Part of a system I am currently working on is manipulating raw data. The data being sent from multiple client devices (Android/Iphone devices, etc..) ~ 100,000 requests per day. The raw data needs to be collected and ready for later use. It gotta be searchable and aggregated for calculations. I had little experience with Solr but this time ...

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Mapping your Entities to DTO’s Using Java 8 Lambda expressions


We all facing the cluttered overhead code when we need to convert our DTO’S to Entities(Hibernate Entities, etc..) and backwards. In my example ill demonstrate how the code is getting much shorter with Java 8. Let’s create the Target DTO:             public class ActiveUserListDTO { public ActiveUserListDTO() { } public ActiveUserListDTO(UserEntity userEntity) { this.username = ...

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AmazonSQS and Spring for messaging queue


The next post will demonstrate how to use Spring JMS templates and DLMC’S together with AmazonSQS API in order to place message queue. Why would I use Amazon SQS? Easy to configure Cross-platfom support Earn from your self redundant, conjunction and scaling worries.         Why I wouldn’t use Amazon SQS? If the latency requirement demands less than  ~20 ...

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Authentication and Authorization as an open source solution service


Designing a centralized service for all user data by implementing authentication and authorization (a&a) mechanism. I’ll share my experience and finalize conclusions for a solution. The design includes the clients (Web applications) and the server (a&a center). Terminology:       1. Authentication: Authentication is the mechanism whereby systems may securely identify their users. Answering the question “Who is the User?” ...

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Invoking Async method call using Future object in Spring


The next example will demonstrate an async method call inside the Spring container. Why do we need async method calls? In some cases we don’t really know if replay is expected or when a result supposed to be delivered back. Traditional way In the Java EE world of handling async calls is using Queue/Topic. We could do the same in ...

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Aggregating async results using Spring Integration


Hi, I came across an issue which has very nice solution using Spring Integration. Many times we have the need for a scenario of dispatching a message to unknown number of destinations. For this purpose we have the Topic methodology. But some times in addition we also want to receive answers from all destinations which received the message and aggregate ...

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