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Ceylon 1.3.2 is now available

Ceylon 1.3.2 is a significant minor release of the Ceylon language, with over 100 issues closed. This release introduces Ceylon assemblies, allows you toexport Ceylon modules as Maven repositories, makes it even easier than before to have a mixed Java and Ceylon project in Maven, allows string interpolation in assertions, and introduces lazy initialization for attributes. This release of Ceylon ...

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Ceylon 1.3.1 is now available

Ceylon 1.3.1 is a significant minor release of the Ceylon language, with over 140 issues closed. This is the first release of Ceylon which supports interoperation with Java 8 lambdas and streams, with RxJava, and with Spring Boot. This release also introduces support for static members. This release of Ceylon has been tested with a wide variety of Java libraries ...

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Ceylon 1.3.0 is now available

Ceylon 1.3.0 is a major release of the Ceylon language, with over 330 issues closed. This is the first release of Ceylon which supports Android development, the Node Package Manager (npm), and Wildfly Swarm. For the JVM, this release is backwards-compatible with all releases of Ceylon 1.2 (1.2.0 to 1.2.2). For JavaScript, this release is backwards-compatible only with the previous release ...

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Ceylon: Ceylon Bootstrap

Ceylon 1.2.2 was released back in March, and at the time it shipped with a new feature that did not make a lot of noise, but I think it’s worth explaining it a bit more in this blog. In general Ceylon developers have to download the Ceylon distribution in order to compile Ceylon code, and so do Ceylon users. When ...

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Ceylon: Object construction and validation

When porting Java code to Ceylon, I sometimes run into Java classes where the constructor mixes validation with initialization. Let’s illustrate what I mean with a simple but very contrived example. Some bad code Consider this Java class. (Try not to write code like this at home, kiddies!) public class Period { private final Date startDate; private final Date endDate; ...

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Ceylon on Java 9 + Jigsaw

Everyone is talking about modules these days. New languages try to incorporate them, and older languages try to retrofit them in. Which is great news, because modules are essential. Java 9 is around the corner, because it’s supposed to come out next year, and the really big new feature is modularity, which it calls the Jigsaw project. Ceylon is a ...

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Modelling failure in Ceylon

In all programming languages, we need to deal with operations than can “fail”: a pure function might fail to produce a result, or an impure function might fail to produce its desired side-effect (create a new file, or whatever). In neither case can we just blindly continue with the rest of the computation. In the first case, the result of ...

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Dependency injection in Ceylon with Weld and Guice

I’m personally ambivalent about the benefits of dependency injection. On the one hand, I recognize its usefulness in certain container environments such as Java EE. (For the record, I was the author of the CDI 1.0 specification, with my JCP Expert Group.) On the other hand, given the nature of what I’ve been working on for the last few years, ...

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Porting Ceylon IDE to IntelliJ

We’ve had many questions about developing Ceylon in IntelliJ IDEA, so I thought it would be worth a quick status update. TL;DR: The screenshots are below. As you might know, Ceylon already has the most feature rich IDE of any modern language for the JVM, with some features that even the Java IDE for Eclipse doesn’t have. But IntelliJ users ...

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Ceylon: Why you might want to choose Ceylon

In a couple of days Ceylon 1.2 will be released, after a year of development. That’s exciting for us, but we think it would be interesting to summarize our thoughts about why you should be excited about Ceylon, and why you might consider it over other programming languages designed to run on the Java and JavaScript virtual machines. Ceylon is ...

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