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Distributed Data Analysis with Docker Swarm

The purpose of this post is to show how powerful and flexible Docker Swarm can be when combined with standard UNIX tools to analyze data in a distributed fashion. To do this, let’s write a simple MapReduce implementation in bash/sh that uses Docker Swarm to schedule Map jobs on nodes across the cluster. MapReduce is usually implemented when there’s a ...

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How the Fear of Automation Holds Your Team Back

Automation is a term which was coined in the last century during the industrial revolution. It originates from the word automatic, which means “self-acting, moving, or acting on its own.” As soon as a company starts to scale, the teams lacking automation are the ones who struggle the most. And many teams do lack automation, not because they aren’t skilled ...

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How Docker Makes Testing More Efficient

Testing your software is important. Automating your testing and having continuous integration for your project in place is a matter of best practice nowadays. Often it’s one of the first things a software team works on when starting a new project. A good test suite allows you to push changes to your product in a safe way without breaking things ...

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Dual Deployment: A Low-Risk Way to Run Containers in Production

How many of you are running containers in production? I’ve heard this question asked many times since DockerCon 2014. Docker adoption has been meteoric over the past three years, but containers in production are still proving to be a challenge. In December 2015, Robin Systems surveyed 200 representatives from various industries about their container adoption status. Of the respondents, 36 ...

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How to Set Up Mutual TLS Authentication

So you’ve got an admin panel because it’s just easier than fiddling with the Rails console to administer the application. On the other hand, it’s a pretty sensitive place. If someone gained access, it just would be… not good. You’ve got everything there already: strong passwords that aren’t saved somewhere in your e-mail, and TLS for the entire application and ...

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Autoscaling on Complex Telemetry

Autoscaling to meet system demand is one of the most important techniques for cloud deployments. Too many machines waste money, too few machines lose it. Autoscaling effectively is hugely important for a business as system size increases, but doing so is a challenge, owing to the nature of the tools available to us as engineers. In this article, I will ...

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Getting Started with rkt

This February, CoreOS announced that their rkt container runtime had graduated to version 1.0. rkt has come a long way since its initial announcement in December 2014, so now’s a good time to take a closer look and consider how it fits into the rapidly changing container ecosystem. This article is intended for people who are new to rkt but ...

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Maintain Infrastructure with Elastic Beanstalk and CloudFormation

The multitude of services and ways to build infrastructure on AWS can easily lead to a hand-crafted snowflake of a system that is hard to maintain over the long term. Often you don’t know who introduced which change or how to reproduce it in a staging environment to test future changes. To counter this problem, AWS developed CloudFormation to keep ...

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Containers Will Change the Game Server Hosting Industry

The last 12 months have seen some exciting Docker developments for game servers. The core product has become significantly more mature, the user base has grown considerably, and a number of advanced features have emerged solving many of the core barriers to containerization of game servers and other opinionated applications. We’ve also seen a number of exciting new products and ...

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The State of Microservices Today

Let’s talk about the state of microservices today. How big is the hype exactly? And why do developers talk about them all over the world? First, let’s run through what microservices are used for. Getting to Know Microservices To give you a visual idea of how microservices work, imagine a LEGO toy car and a regular toy car. Microservices are ...

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