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How to run Ant targets with Maven?

The maven-antrun-plugin allows us to run ant targets with various maven build phases. I am going to explain very practical usage of maven-antrun-plugin specially for developers with development environment. Normally with maven build, you will bundle your project either to a war file or ear file. You can directly copy this war or ear file into the server deployment folder ...

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Hibernate Composite Ids with association mappings

Recently, We faced a tricky situation with hibernate association mapping with a composite id field. We needed to have bidirectional association with one-to-may and many-to-one.Our tow tables was “REPORT” and “REPORT_SUMMARY” which has one-to-many relationship from REPORT to REPORT_SUMMARY and many-to-one relationship from REPORT_SUMMARY to REPORT table. The primary key of REPORT_SUMMARY table is defined as a composite primary key ...

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Spring 3 Internationalization and Localization


I wanted to add internationalization and localization feature provided by spring 3 to one of my current project recently. I went through the spring documentation and then searched on internet to find some resources. But I could not find a resource which was able to satisfy my client requirement. Most of the tutorials are like hello world application which gives ...

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Apache HTTP server with Tomcat on SSL

Introduction I recently needed to simulate our production deployment environment in my local machine. Our production applications are running on Apache HTTP server. We deploy application on multiple tomcat instances and also different Tomcats for different URL name spaces. Apache HTTP server is responsible as front door for all these. Apache HTTP server connects to the tomcat with mod_jk over ...

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Query grid with struts 2 without plugin

When using jQuery with struts 2, the developers are persuaded to use struts2-jQuery plug-in. Because most of the forums and other Internet resources support struts2 jQuery plug in. I have this experience. I wanted to use jQuery grid plug-in with struts 2,but without using struts2 jQuery plug-in. It was very hard for me to find a tutorial or any good ...

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Expose Java service as a web service


This tutorial addresses a most practical scenario which is being faced by a developer. Most of the time, We may need to expose some of our existing services as web services. This situation can be encountered in different stages of project life cycle. If It is the initial stage, then You are almost safe and You can well prepare for ...

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Java JAAS form based authentication


Implementing a login module using JAAS is an of advance topic and also most of the developers have rare chance of involving with this kind of development. But the basic implementation of JAAS login module is not that much hard implementation.That is because, I intended to post this. Here, I am explaining, how to implement a tomcat managed authentication module. ...

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