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A Generic and Concurrent Object Pool

In this post we will take a look at how we can create an object pool in Java. In recent years, the performance of the JVM has multiplied manifold that object pooling for better performance has been made almost redundant for most type of objects. In essence, creation of objects are no longer considered as expensive as it was done ...

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Solving a Producer-Consumer Problem in Java

The producer-consumer problem is one of the most frequently encountered problems when we attempt multi threaded programming. While not as challenging as some of the other problems in multi-threaded programming, an incorrect implementation of this problem can create a mess of your application. Produced items will be left unconsumed, starting items will be skipped, consumption depends on whether the production ...

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Eclipse Shortcuts for Increased Productivity

And so, today, I just wanted to share the best shortcuts that make life easier. And without further ado : Ctrl + Space : One of the two most important keyboard shortcuts that eclipse offers. This one is probably commonly known for autocomplete in eclipse, but not many people know that it is also context sensitive. For example, hitting Ctrl ...

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GC with Automatic Resource Management in Java 7

This post provides a brief overview of a new feature introduced in Java 7 called Automatic Resource Management or ARM. The post delves how ARM tries to reduce the code that a developer has to write to efficiently free the JVM heap of allocated resources. One of the sweetest spots of programming in the Java programming language is automatic handling ...

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