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Hadoop: HDFS – java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.hadoop.fs.FSOutputSummer.(Ljava/util/zip/Checksum;II)V

I wanted to write a little program to check that one machine could communicate a HDFS server running on the other and adapted some code from the Hadoop wiki as follows: package org.playground;   import org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration; import org.apache.hadoop.fs.FSDataInputStream; import org.apache.hadoop.fs.FSDataOutputStream; import org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem; import org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path;   import java.io.IOException;   public class HadoopDFSFileReadWrite {   static void printAndExit(String str) { System.err.println( str ...

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SparkR: Add new column to data frame by concatenating other columns

Continuing with my exploration of the Land Registry open data set using SparkR I wanted to see which road in the UK has had the most property sales over the last 20 years. To recap, this is what the data frame looks like: ./spark-1.5.0-bin-hadoop2.6/bin/sparkR --packages com.databricks:spark-csv_2.11:1.2.0   > sales <- read.df(sqlContext, "pp-complete.csv", "com.databricks.spark.csv", header="false")   > head(sales) C0 C1 C2 ...

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Unix: Redirecting stderr to stdout

I’ve been trying to optimise some Neo4j import queries over the last couple of days and as part of the script I’ve been executed I wanted to redirect the output of a couple of commands into a file to parse afterwards. I started with the following script which doesn’t do any explicit redirection of the output: #!/bin/sh   ./neo4j-community-2.2.3/bin/neo4j start ...

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Sed: Using environment variables

I’ve been playing around with the BBC football data set that I wrote about a couple of months ago and I wanted to write some code that would take the import script and replace all instances of remote URIs with a file system path. For example the import file contains several lines similar to this: LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM ...

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Record Linkage: Playing around with Duke

I’ve become quite interesting in record linkage recently and came across the Duke project which provides some tools to help solve this problem. I thought I’d give it a try. The typical problem when doing record linkage is that we have two records from different data sets which represent the same entity but don’t have a common key that we ...

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R: Bootstrap confidence intervals

I recently came across an interesting post on Julia Evans’ blog showing how to generate a bigger set of data points by sampling the small set of data points that we actually have using bootstrapping. Julia’s examples are all in Python so I thought it’d be a fun exercise to translate them into R. We’re doing the bootstrapping to simulate ...

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R: Blog post frequency anomaly detection

I came across Twitter’s anomaly detection library last year but haven’t yet had a reason to take it for a test run so having got my blog post frequency data into shape I thought it’d be fun to run it through the algorithm. I wanted to see if it would detect any periods of time when the number of posts ...

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Neo4j: The football transfers graph

Given we’re still in pre season transfer madness as far as European football is concerned I thought it’d be interesting to put together a football transfers graph to see whether there are any interesting insights to be had. It took me a while to find an appropriate source but I eventually came across transfermarkt.co.uk which contains transfers going back at ...

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R: Wimbledon – How do the seeds get on?

Continuing on with the Wimbledon data set I’ve been playing with I wanted to do some exploration on how the seeded players have fared over the years. Taking the last 10 years worth of data there have always had 32 seeds and with the following function we can feed in a seeding and get back the round they would be ...

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