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Neo4j: How do null values even work?

Every now and then I find myself wanting to import a CSV file into Neo4j and I always get confused with how to handle the various null values that can lurk within. Let’s start with an example that doesn’t have a CSV file in sight. Consider the following list and my attempt to only return null values: WITH [null, "null", ...

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Go: Multi-threaded writing to a CSV file

As part of a Go script I’ve been working on I wanted to write to a CSV file from multiple Go routines, but realised that the built in CSV Writer isn’t thread safe. My first attempt at writing to the CSV file looked like this: package main     import ( "encoding/csv" "os" "log" "strconv" )   func main() { ...

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Go vs Python: Parsing a JSON response from a HTTP API

As part of a recommendations with Neo4j talk that I’ve presented a few times over the last year I have a set of scripts that download some data from the meetup.com API. They’re all written in Python but I thought it’d be a fun exercise to see what they’d look like in Go. My eventual goal is to try and ...

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Neo4j: Graphing the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

For a bit of Christmas holiday fun I thought it’d be cool to create a graph of the different blips on the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar and how the recommendations have changed over time. I wrote a script to extract each blip (e.g. .NET Core) and the recommendation made in each radar that it appeared in. I ended up with a ...

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Go: First attempt at channels

In a previous blog post I mentioned that I wanted to extract blips from The ThoughtWorks Radar into a CSV file and I thought this would be a good mini project for me to practice using Go. In particular I wanted to try using channels and this seemed like a good chance to do that. I watched a talk by ...

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Kubernetes: Simulating a network partition

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post explaining how to create a Neo4j causal cluster using Kubernetes and … the I wanted to work out how to simulate a network partition which would put the leader on the minority side and force an election. We’ve done this on our internal tooling on AWS using the iptables command but ...

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Kubernetes: Spinning up a Neo4j 3.1 Causal Cluster

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post explaining how I’d created a Neo4j causal cluster using docker containers directly and for my next pet project I wanted to use Kubernetes as an orchestration layer so that I could declaratively change the number of servers in my cluster. I’d never used Kubernetes before but I saw a presentation ...

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Kubernetes: Writing hostname to a file

Over the weekend I spent a bit of time playing around with Kubernetes and to get the hang of the technology I set myself the task of writing the hostname of the machine to a file. I’m using the excellent minikube tool to create a local Kubernetes cluster for my experiments so the first step is to spin that up: ...

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Neo4j: Find the intermediate point between two lat/longs

Yesterday I wrote a blog post showing how to find the midpoint between two lat/longs using Cypher which worked well as a first attempt at filling in missing locations, but I realised I could do better. As I mentioned in the last post, when I find a stop that’s missing lat/long coordinates I can usually find two nearby stops that ...

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