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Android Game Development – Displaying Images with Android

Before moving to the actual game loop let’s display some graphics so we can get some measurements done. If you haven’t checked it out please do as it is imperative that you understand how a thread updates the screen. You can check it out here. Displaying an image using Android is extremely simple. To scale the problem down we will ...

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Android Game Development – A Basic Game Loop

Following the series so far you we have an understanding of the game architecture. Even if just briefly but we know that we need to take input in some form, update the internal state of the game and finally render it to the screen and also produce some sounds and/or vibrations. Furthermore we have created an example Android project for ...

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Android Game Development – A Basic Game Architecture

So we got our Android application up and running but you might be wondering what type of application is exactly a game. I will try to give you my understanding of it. The following diagram represents a game architecture. Game architecture on an Android phone In the schema above you see the Android OS running on the Phone and everything ...

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Android Game Development – Create The Project

Now that we have our idea let’s get the environment up and start coding. To install Android follow the steps found on the official documentation page. I use eclipse so if you are a Java guy it should be pretty familiar. If you have never developed in Java but did some other coding in C++ or C# for example it ...

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Android Game Development – The Game Idea

Coming up with an idea for the game This is the hardest part. Because I am just one guy having limited time I will choose one idea that is realisable in a short time and will contain all elements of an action game. So I came up with a story for the game. The story goes like this: The end ...

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