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Seeing Is Believing

Recently, I’ve done a management workshop on TDD. The audience was developmenet managers and team leads. Most of them did not know TDD. (Actually, most thought they knew what TDD was. But that’s a completely unrelated story.) During my session, I’ve walked them through an example (from Star Wars) and showed the thinking behind it, applying the steps to “real” software ...

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Agile introduction to DevOps – Ship ahoy!

So we now have tested software, yippee! Which means nothing if we don’t get it to actual customers, so let’s talk about shipping to production. Like everything we discussed until now, automation lowers the risk of manual errors, and saves time. But even deploying to production has to have some kind of method to it. We’ve already discussed version management, ...

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Agile introduction to DevOps – The Environmentalists

Last time, we’ve looked at how “regular” development practices have made sure that things worked at the development team level. It’s time to move on. Because, as we know, it’s not working software unless it’s tested. Let me tell you a story, sonny. When I was young, we built the software on my machine. Compiling, testing and packaging.  Turns out, these ...

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An agile introduction to DevOps – Working software

The agile manifesto says we value working software. What is working software anyway? We can talk about software working in different contexts. First are the non-tangible parts (more working than software): Idea – The ideas for the product we’re going to build need to make sense and solve the our customer problem Design – We need to have a proper ...

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An Agile Introduction to DevOps – What Is DevOps Anyway?

This series is about DevOps and how it fits into the agile world. I’ve given this as a workshop at Lean Agile Scotland (slides). Let’s start with what DevOps is. I went to the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, and the definition goes like this: “A culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology professionals while automating the ...

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You’re doing it wrong: Demos

This series is about practices we do, without understanding why we do them, and therefore may not get the value we want from them. If you too don’t benefit from them, you might be doing it wrong. Iteration planning, Pt. 1 Iteration planning, Pt. 2 Definition of done Demo Done-Done Daily stand-ups Retrospectives Another iteration has passed, and so they ...

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You’re Doing It Wrong: Retrospectives

If you’re already doing agile wrong, retrospectives are one of the first things you let go of. A shame really, but if you’re doing something wrong, you better screw up the thing that will bring you the most value. Why does dropping retrospective seem the least harmful? If you think planning is important (because it shows you think about work), and ...

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You’re doing it wrong: Daily stand-ups

“Everybody, please, stand up”, I remember encouraging everyone to rise to the occasion of another daily stand-up “meeting”. Even with a room full of people who knew the drill, I still felt I had to ask them. This series is about practices we do, without understanding why we do them, and therefore may not get the value we want from ...

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You’re doing it wrong: Done-Done

This series is about how to do stuff right by explaining why we do those things we do. If you do, and get the wrong results, you might be doing it wrong. Last time, we talked about the Definition of Done. We use is as vision of where we want to be at the end of the iteration. The question is: What ...

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You’re doing it wrong: Definition of Done

In this series, we’re taking a look at what we do in agile, those pesky practices, and why we’re doing them. The purpose is the key here, and if you’re not getting the benefit, you might be doing it wrong, so try something else. So, let me ask you a question: Are you done, done-done, or done-done-done? What does “done”mean anyway? To answer ...

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