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Since launching Java Code Geeks almost a decade ago, we have managed to attract an amazing tribe of geeks like us.

With over 1 million unique monthly visitors and over 150 thousand mail list subscribers, we have created a community of like-minded individuals that appreciate high quality content on programming.

We now believe that the time has come to take things to a new level…

For this reason, we are officially launching our Ambassador program, an initiative that will reward you for helping us grow the community stronger.

What do ambassadors do?

As an ambassador, you will be provided with a dedicated link that you can promote to your audience. You can invite your friends or blog readers or email subscribers to join our community.

You can share that link in your social channels and on your personal website(s) as long as the partnership lasts.

As more people join our ranks using your personal link, you gain more points and you after specific milestones, you can collect cool gifts!

What do ambassadors get in return?

We provide different incentives for our ambassadors, including gear, Amazon gift cards, books and courses etc.

15 referrals → Complete Java Programming Bootcamp ($29)

35 referrals → PureVPN: 5-Yr Subscription ($69.99)

100 referrals → The Ultimate Android Development Bundle ($861)

Note: Please do not try to game the system with SPAM or other malicious ways. It is trivial for our system to detect any shenanigans, so you will just waste both yours and our time.

How does it work?

As an ambassador, you get your personalized, unique link, which you can use to share with your friends, readers or people you think might be interested in our community.

How do I join?

For now, the program is in closed-beta, so you will need to apply to get approved.

In order to join, shoot us an email at [support][at][javacodegeeks.com] with the subject “Join the Ambassador program”.

In that email, make sure to include the following information:
– your blog/website link
– the size of your mailing list (if any)

Our team will then evaluate your application and will let you know if you are eligible to proceed.