How to increase the number of tabs in IntelliJ Idea

Hello Friends,

This is a quick small post on increasing the tab limits in the Intellij idea.

I recently started using IntelliJ Idea and I am really liking it, but one thing I noticed is, if you have more than 10 tabs opened in your IntelliJ and try to open more, it automatically closes the previously opened tab(s), which I found little annoying. If you are coming from eclipse, this was not the behavior with eclipse. This happens because of the default setting in the IntelliJ.

However, the good thing is that Intellij provides you setting wherein you can define how many maximum numbers of tabs can be opened at a time.

So, all you have to do to increase the number of opened tabs is go to

File  -> Settings -> Editor -> General -> Editor Tabs -> Tab Limit

and enter the new tab limit.

Default Setting

Customized Setting

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