Spring Boot 1.0 followed by Spring Boot 1.0.1 bug fix release

Spring Boot 1.0 release was recently announced by the Spring Boot team, and was followed by Spring Boot 1.0.1.RELEASE, a bug fix release that also includes a few new features.

Spring Boot was created 18 months ago, with a purpose to improve containerless web application architectures. The new release, that is already available in Maven Central and the repo.spring.io repository focuses on an ultralight container, great for application or service deployment in the cloud.

The Spring team suggest to try out Spring Boot with the CLI tool, which uses Groovy language to compile code. But you can also use the Spring Boot libraries directly with Java, or any other JVM based language, to write your applications. You can take a look at the latest reference documentation for a full feature breakdown.

Spring-io recently became open-source, so that you can make use of a larger example of an application built using Spring Boot. A smaller example in included in the “Building a RESTful Web Service” guide. Here is a simple example of Spring Integration Standalone application with Spring Boot.

Thanks to the Java Buildpack team, Spring Boot applications deploy seamlessly to Cloud Foundry, and you can also use Boot applications with other cloud providers or directly in your own data center. If you are a user of Spring Tool Suite, its latest v3.5 release includes integrated support for Spring Boot. You can also make use of start.spring.io to initialize your project.

And if you still wonder why to use Spring Boot check out a few reasons to consider spring-boot for your next Spring based application.

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