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Spring Framework 4.0.3 and Spring Data Redis 1.2.1 with Java 8 support

Spring Framework 4.0.3

Spring Framework 4.0.3 is now avalaible, as announced by the Spring community. It is the first release of the framework after Java 8’s launch last week, and so it is built with OpenJDK 8 GA and includes the latest ASM 5.0.1.

Spring Framework 4.0.3 brings significant enhancements for WebSockets. It comes along with a lot of real-life feedback incorporated back into the framework and its configuration options.

On a forward-looking note, the Spring Framework team is moving on to 4.1 development now, with a first set of new features to show up in 4.1 snapshots soon. The 4.0.4 release is prepared to come in May, however, this will only be a maintenance release, since the 4.0.x feature set is considered to be complete at this point.

Our Spring tutorials can guide you through Spring framework.

Spring Data Redis 1.2.1

Spring Data Redis 1.2.1 is also released. It is a maintenance release, that contains some bugfixes in RedisTemplate as well as in RedisCacheManager. This version is tested against Java 6, 7 and it is also tested against Java 8, for compatibility with Redis 2.6 and 2.8 as well as Spring Framework 4.0.3. You can take a quick tour on Spring Data Redis and Spring Data in general.

Theodora Fragkouli

Theodora has graduated from Computer Engineering and Informatics Department in the University of Patras. She also holds a Master degree in Economics from the National and Technical University of Athens. During her studies she has been involved with a large number of projects ranging from programming and software engineering to telecommunications, hardware design and analysis. She works as a junior Software Engineer in the telecommunications sector where she is mainly involved with projects based on Java and Big Data technologies.
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