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Understanding the Vertical Slice


One of the biggest challenges in breaking down backlogs is knowing how to split up the work from a backlog into right sized pieces. I’ve already talked about the concept that smaller is better, but I we haven’t really addressed the decision of how to actually divide a backlog up to make it smaller. The default path Most developers trying ...

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Even Backlogs Need Grooming


Imagine this common scenario if you will. One of your friends calls you up and says: “Hey, would you mind helping me move on Saturday, I am getting 4 or 5 people together and we are going to move my stuff to my new house?” You of course reply: “Sure I can help, what time do you want me to ...

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Breaking Down an Agile process Backlog


The process of breaking down a backlog is one of the most important steps in any Agile process. I have found over the years that the better a backlog is broken down the smoother the implementation of that backlog is. I have found that the single greatest influencer in the success or failure of a backlog is the process of ...

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Do you want to know how to develop your skillset and become a ...

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