Here you will find useful resources for Java based open source projects. We categorize resources based on type. All of our articles include links to discussed technologies, tools and architectures. The Resources page is an index, a quick reference point for all of you who would like to get their hands right on what Java Code Geeks are working on!


Ajax Application frameworks [Back to Top]
Aspect Oriented (AOP) frameworks [Back to Top]
Big Data [Back to Top]
Bloggers [Back to Top]
Build Systems [Back to Top]
Business Intelligence (BI) Tools [Back to Top]
Byte Code Libraries [Back to Top]
Content Management Systems (CMS) [Back to Top]
Cache Systems / Data Grids [Back to Top]
Charting & Reporting [Back to Top]
Chat Servers [Back to Top]
Cloud IaaS [Back to Top]
Code Analyzers [Back to Top]
Code Beautifiers [Back to Top]
Code Coverage Tools [Back to Top]
Collections Libraries [Back to Top]
Command Line Interpreters [Back to Top]
Connection Pools (Database) [Back to Top]
Crawlers (WEB) [Back to Top]
Databases [Back to Top]
EJB Servers [Back to Top]
ERP & CRM [Back to Top]
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) [Back to Top]
Expression Languages [Back to Top]
Financial Software [Back to Top]
Forum Software [Back to Top]
Geospacial Software [Back to Top]
Groupware Software [Back to Top]
HTML parsers [Back to Top]
IDEs [Back to Top]
Installers [Back to Top]
Inversion of Control (IoC) Containers [Back to Top]
Issue Tracking [Back to Top]
Javascript [Back to Top]
J2EE RAD Frameworks [Back to Top]
JDBC Tools [Back to Top]
JSP Tag Libraries [Back to Top]
Job Schedulers [Back to Top]
Localization & Internationalization Tools [Back to Top]
Logging Tools [Back to Top]
Mail Clients [Back to Top]
Media Manipulation [Back to Top]
Mobile Platforms [Back to Top]
MMS Gateways [Back to Top]
Network Clients [Back to Top]
Network Servers [Back to Top]
NoSQL Databases [Back to Top]
Obfuscators [Back to Top]
PDF Libraries [Back to Top]
Parser Generators [Back to Top]
Persistence Frameworks [Back to Top]
Portals [Back to Top]
Profilers [Back to Top]
Project Management [Back to Top]
REST Frameworks [Back to Top]
RSS & RDF Tools [Back to Top]
Rule Engines [Back to Top]
SQL Clients [Back to Top]
Scripting Languages [Back to Top]
Security [Back to Top]
Source Control [Back to Top]
Swing Frameworks & Components [Back to Top]
Template Engines [Back to Top]
Testing Tools [Back to Top]
Text processing [Back to Top]
Transaction Managers [Back to Top]
Validation [Back to Top]
WAP & SMS Gateways [Back to Top]
WEB Frameworks [Back to Top]
WEB Mail [Back to Top]
WEB Servers [Back to Top]
WEB Services [Back to Top]
WEB Testing [Back to Top]
Wiki Engines [Back to Top]
Workflow Engines [Back to Top]
XML Parsers [Back to Top]
XML UI Toolkits [Back to Top]
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