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Creating proxy object using djcproxy


During the last weeks I have shown how to create a proxy object using Java reflection API and cglib. In this article I will show you how this can be done using djcproxy. Oh, not again, another proxy implementation! What is the point to write about this in addition to the selfish fact that I created this proxy? The point ...

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JavaFX Missing Features Survey: Table View


The TableView (and TreeTableView) of JavaFX has won the price for being the control that was mentioned the most in my recent “JavaFX Missing Features” survey and also in many follow-up discussions (including and especially the guys in our Zurich JavaFX Meetup group). I guess one of the reasons is the simple fact that almost every application needs a table ...

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First Steps Into the World of Go


Since developers should learn a new programming language every year, I felt it was about time for me to dive into something new and I decided on Go. The good news is that Go has awesome documentation to get you started. More good news is that Go has a mature ecosystem of tools, including support for getting dependencies, formatting, and testing. There ...

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It takes an engineer to manage engineering


I’ve been meaning to write about the managers and Agile software development for a long time. And, apart from a few asides, I haven’t. Why not? Well partly because the topic is difficult, or rather large, but mostly I’ve not written it because I’m fearful of the flames that will come down on me. You see I think managers have ...

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The importance of single-partition operations in Cassandra


DuyHai Doan is an Apache Cassandra Evangelist at DataStax. He spends his time between technical presentations/meetups on Cassandra, coding on open source projects to support the community and helping all companies using Cassandra to make their project successful. Previously he was working as a freelance Java/Cassandra consultant. In this blog post, we’ll explain the reason why all Cassandra experts and ...

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Performance improvements… or experiments?


The project I’m involved in will face great challenges in the upcoming years. That was the reason why we have decided to focus on improving performance of the application before these improvements become a necessity. How to increase efficiency? Stability? Responsiveness? How to prepare for future? That was the question that we asked ourselves and our goal was to find ...

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Beware Of findFirst() And findAny()


After filtering a Java 8 Stream it is common to use findFirst() or findAny() to get the element that survived the filter. But that might not do what you really meant and subtle bugs can ensue. So What’s Wrong With findFirst() And findAny()? As we can see from their Javadoc (here and here) both methods return an arbitrary element from ...

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Implement custom JMeter samplers


As we proceed on different architectures and implementations the need for versatile stress testing tools rises. Apache Jmeter is one the most well known tools when it comes to load testing. It supports many protocols such as ftp http tcp and also it can be used easily for distributed testing. Jmeter also provides you with an easy way to create ...

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Isolating integration tests and mocking dependencies with Spring Boot


Integration tests can be slow and unreliable because they depend on too many components in the system. Up to a certain point, this is unavoidable: integration tests are here to validate how each part of your system plays with other internal or external components. We can, however, improve some integration tests by only spinning up the required dependencies, instead of ...

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Java EE 8 MVC: Working with Path Parameters


In the previous post we saw how to work with query parameters in Java EE MVC. This post continues with a very similar topic: path parameters. Path parameters are a dynamic part of the request path and can be specified with the @Path annotation. For example: @Controller @Path("path-params") public class PathParamsController { @GET @Path("/date/{year}/{month}") public String pathParamDate(@PathParam("year") int year, @PathParam("month") ...

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