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The Dangers of Book Learning


Today’s software professional is under constant pressure to maintain a high skill level with an ever-changing palette of languages and tools, and the fear of potentially becoming somewhat irrelevant can be daunting.  Those that do not keep up with industry trends and movements are at some risk of losing marketability, but even those that do closely follow tech news need ...

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Spring MVC: form handling vol. 4 – radiobuttons


In the world of software development radiobuttons are essential part of graphic user interface. Spring MVC tag library provides special tag for this element of form. If to be more precisely there are two tags for this purpose: radiobutton, radiobuttons. Both of them are useful for a particular task. As you understand I’m going to show how to use these ...

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OpenDS: How to install and configure LDAP server?


What is LDAP? “LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol used for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol network.” Why is LDAP used? LDAP is used for accessing a directory which can consist of a set of objects, users, groups, login, passwords, permissions etc. Its practical use is more in terms of authentication and access ...

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Lazy sequences implementation for Java 8


I just published LazySeq library on GitHub – result of my Java 8 experiments recently. I hope you will enjoy it. Even if you don’t find it very useful, it’s still a great lesson of functional programming in Java 8 (and in general). Also it’s probably the first community library targeting Java 8! Introduction Lazy sequence is a data structure ...

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Creating a delegating login module (for JBoss EAP 6.1)


[ If you only want to see code, just scroll down ] Motivation In RHQ we had a need for a security domain that can be used to secure the REST-api and its web-app via container managed security. In the past I had just used the classical DatabaseServerLoginModule to authenticate against the database. Now does RHQ also allow to have ...

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Focus in Chaos: Why I Like Kanban for Startups


It’s okay if you don’t know exactly where you’re going  – because things are always changing – just so long as you’re focused on the Right Things. BUT, this is really hard at a startup precisely because everything is always changing. It’s essential that your developers are okay with these points. It drives me a little crazy every time I ...

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JBoss AS7 JNDI & EJB 3.1 Naming changes


As a result of the “feature train” continuing to march on and us not keeping our software stack up-to-date, our team finds ourselves in the un-enviable position of having to migrate: JBoss 4.2.3 to AS 7.1.x (currently looking at 7.1.1) EJB 2.1 to EJB 3.1 Hibernate 2 to Hibernate 3 or 4 in quick fashion.  I mean, who wants to ...

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Spring Data Solr Tutorial: Introduction to Solr


Most of the applications must have a some kind of a search function. The problem is that search functions are often huge resource hogs and they can kill the performance of our application by causing heavy load to the database. That is why transferring that load to an external search server is a great idea. This is the first part ...

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Kanban is the New Scrum


Maybe it’s all the time I spend with startups, but while I strongly value Scrum’s ideas behind self-organizing teams & continual feedback – I can’t help but feel Kanban represents the next level of agility, giving us more flexibility and capitalizing on the lessons we’ve learned from Lean. Scrum A lot of people tend to think Agile means Scrum – ...

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