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Heroku and Java – From Newbie to Beginner, Part 1


Recently I’ve heard that Heroku allows deployment of Java applications in it’s Cedar stack. Having no real software idea I decided I’ll give it a try and just configure SOMETHING to work on Heroku. I have some kind of crush on ReST (I still want to learn it and practice it) so I’ve decided my first application will be a ...

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Multilayered architecture (1) – Introduction


Introduction If you ever worked in an IT project, you would probably know how necessary it is to factorize the source code to avoid that the entropy will take possession of your project as soon as it becomes larger and larger… If you ever encountered one of those scenarios: I started with a small project where everything was working fine but ...

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Are We Agile Yet?


I read somewhere that a large number of software teams think they’re Agile because they do Daily Scrums. Now I don’t like to get religious, and I certainly don’t believe you have to follow some list of Ten Specific Practices to “Be Agile.” But I do think that sometimes companies get a little overly anxious to jump on the agile ...

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Asynchronous CDI Events


Few days ago, during our regular code review, one of my colleagues raised a question what would happen — and if it’s even possible — when a CDI Observer (so a method with parameter annotated @Observes) would be invoked multiple times at the same time for different event instances. In other words, after producing few events, is it possible that ...

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What turns a good leader in an effective leader


Everyone has experienced during his/her career good and bad leaders, leaders skilled on technologies and/or concerned projects/business and leaders who would only care about people management, relying on their subordinates for competences and problem solving. Of course, it’s not easy to find the best trade-off between hard and soft skills, but recent studies could help on seek for certain characteristics ...

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The Democratization of Search


Over the past year and a half, I’ve watched ElasticSearch grow from a seemingly part-time code experiment into a thriving ecosystem. Not only has the number of client libraries grown from 1 to over 25 (and counting!); it’s now a commercially sponsored project to the tune of $34 million (a $10M series A and a $24M series B) with 200,000 ...

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Gradle Goodness: Running a Single Test


We can run test code with Gradle using the test task that is added by the Java plugin. By default all tests found in the project are executed. If we want to run a single test we can use the Java system property test.single with the name of the test. Actually the pattern for the system property is taskName.single. The ...

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Java Reflection oddities with inner class constructor parameters


About Java inner classes Java allows member classes (classes that are defined inside other classes), local classes (classes that are defined inside statement blocks) and anonymous classes (classes with no names):           class Outer { Object anonymous = new Object(){}; // this is an anonymous class // anonymous initialisation block { // this is a local ...

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Indicators of Talent (and Heuristics) for Software Engineers


A recent Hacker News post by a man named Andrew was voted to the front page and received over 50 comments (as of my post).  The post was called Ask HN:  Would you hire me?, and Andrew specified that he was talking about a junior level position. He provided the following details about himself: 28 years old with a Finance ...

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Spring Security Login


1. Introduction This article is going to focus on Login with Spring Security. We’re going to built on top of the simple previous Spring MVC example, as that’s a necessary part of setting up the web application along with the login mechanism. 2. The Maven Dependencies To add Maven dependencies to the project, please see the Spring Security with Maven ...

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