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Spring – Designing the domain model and the service layer


We are going to build application for timesheet management. So let’s think about some uses cases and entities first. Let me write them in the few bullets: Task is assigned to employee by manager. One task can be assigned to many employees. Employee fills the amount of hours that he worked on certain task to the system. Manager/Employee views reports ...

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Using PowerMock to Mock Constructors


In my opinion, one of the main benefits of dependency injection is that you can inject mock and/or stub objects into your code in order to improve testability, increase test coverage and write better and more meaningful tests. There are those times, however, when you come across some legacy code that doesn’t use dependency injection and held together by composition ...

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Camel: Build a message based application


This is a long article that contains three separate topics: Getting started with Apache Camel with Java Improving startup of routes with a CamelRunner Building message based application using Camel But since I’ve prepared a that has all these materials included, I thought it would easier to combine them and present it as whole. Getting started with Apache Camel ...

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Configure timeout for CDI conversations


CDI conversation scope is a nice feature when developing JSF applications. Imagine you have large data tables which take a long time to be loaded. You normally don’t want to place the loaded data in session scoped beans by reason of high memory consumption. And you can’t place the loaded data in view scoped beans because you wouldn’t like always ...

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Hibernate: save vs persist and saveOrUpdate


What is difference between save and saveOrUpdate or Difference between save and persist are common interview question in any Hibernate interview, much like Difference between get and load method in Hibernate. Hibernate Session class provides couple of ways to save object into database by methods like save , saveOrUpdate and persist . You can use either save() , saveOrUpdate() or ...

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Software Development tips and tricks


These are just some tips and tricks I learnt over my career that I’d like to share. This list does not contains silver bullets and it doesn’t pretend to be complete or be an absolute truth. It’s just a list that I hope may be helpful for someone. 1 ) Push the coding to the last This point can be ...

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Programming Like Kent Beck


Three of us, namely Stig, Krzysztof, and Jakub, have had the pleasure of spending a week with Kent Beck during Iterate Code Camp 2012, working together on a project and learning programming best practices. We would like to share the valuable lessons that we have learnt and that made us better programmers (or so we would like to think at ...

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Twitter REST API from Scala and Java using signpost


If you’ve read some other articles on this blog you might know that I like creating visualizations of various datasets. I’ve just started a small project where I want to visualize some data from Twitter. For this I want to retrieve information about followers and profile information directly from twitter. I actually started looking for a set of all twitter ...

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Java Hidden code


Sometime ago I came across the issue of invisible characters in Strings. These can really cause confusion because they are invisible. String a = "Hello\u200e"; String b = "Hello\u200f"; System.out.println('\'' + a + "' and '" + b + "' are length " + a.length() + " and " + b.length() + ", equals() is " + a.equals(b)); prints 'Hello?' ...

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JCG Flashback – 2011 – W37


Hello guys, Time for another post in the JCG Flashback series. These posts will take you back in time and list the hot articles on Java Code Geeks from one year ago. So, let’s see what was popular back then: 5. Simple Twitter: Play Framework, AJAX, CRUD on Heroku This is a cool tutorial on how to build a very ...

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