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Auditing entities in Spring Data MongoDB


Spring Data MongoDB 1.2.0 silently introduced new feature: support for basic auditing. Because you will not find too much about it in official reference in this post I will show what benefits does it bring, how to configure Spring for auditing and how to annotate your documents to make them auditable.Auditing let you declaratively tell Spring to store: date when ...

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Spring Integration File Polling and Tests


I recently implemented a small project where we had to poll a folder for new files and then trigger a service flow on the contents of the file. Spring Integration is a great fit for this requirement as it comes with a channel adapter that can scan a folder for new files and then take the file through a messaging ...

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Experiment with ConcurrentHashmap


I am investigating a memory issue in one of my recent projects where data is kept in memory for fast access, but the memory footprint of application is very high. This application was heavily using CHM(i.e Concurrenthashmap), so no brainier guess was required that CHM was the issue. I did a memory profiling session to find how much memory CHM was really taking. ...

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Latency number that you should know


Latency number that you should know Many of you work on low latency & high throughput systems. The key to developing such systems is understanding latency, be it of CPU cache, RAM, disk or network. I found some interesting latency numbers, understanding these numbers is very important because all these are based on speed of light and we all know that ...

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Testing triangles, pyramids and circles, and UAT


A few months ago Markus Gartner introduced me to the Testing Triangle, or Testing Pyramid. It looks like this: If you Google you will find a few slightly different version and some go by the name of Testing Pyramid. Now a question: where did this come from? Who should I credit with the original? Markus thinks it mike be Mike ...

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Continuous Delivery – Part 3 – Feature Toggles


Previous chapter: The Road To Continuous Delivery – Part 2 – Visibility One of the key elements in Continuous Delivery is the fact that you stop working with feature branches in your VCS repository; everybody works on the MASTER branch. During our transition to Continuous Deployment we switched from SVN to Git, which handles code merges much better, and has ...

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Accessing An Artifact’s Maven And SCM Versions At Runtime


You can easily tell Maven to include the version of the artifact and its Git/SVN/… revision in the JAR manifest file and then access that information at runtime via getClass().getPackage.getImplementationVersion(). (All credit goes to Markus Krüger and other colleagues.) Include Maven artifact version in the manifest (Note: You will actually not want to use it, if you also want to ...

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How to easily optimize Task Management


When dealing with different types of tasks and priorities, often happens to mistakenly consider urgency and importance as synonyms and hence manage tasks, resources and time with a wrong approach. Urgency is normally driven by external or emergent factors: a customer request, a short deadline, a blocking bug. Importance is usually driven by internal factors: a well known technical debt, ...

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