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Android Header and Footer layout example


In this article we are going to see how you can create a simple Android Layout that includes a header part, a footer part and the content area. It is relatively easy to do that in the Android platform. The important bit is to try to make your layouts reusable and independent from one another, so you can use it ...

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Tomcat’s Graceful Shutdown with Daemons and Shutdown Hooks


My last couple of blogs have talked about long polling and Spring’s DeferredResult technique and to demonstrate these concepts I’ve shoehorned the code from my Producer Consumer project into a web application. Although the code demonstrates the points made by the blogs it does contain a large number of holes in its logic. Apart from the fact that in a ...

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Offensive programming


How to make your code more concise and well-behaved at the same time Have you ever had an application that just behaved plain weird? You know, you click a button and nothing happens. Or the screen all the sudden turns blank. Or the application get into a “strange state” and you have to restart it for things to start working ...

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Fine-Grained Concurrency with the Guava Striped Class


This post is going to cover how to use the Striped class from Guava to achieve finer-grained concurrency. The ConcurrentHashMap uses a striped locked approach to increase concurrency and the Striped class extends this principal by giving us the ability to have striped Locks, ReadWriteLocks and Semaphores. When accessing an object or data-structure such as an Array or HashMap typically ...

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3 Styles: Iterative, Incremental and Evolutionary Agile (part 1)


When I’m teaching training courses (as I was this week at Skills Matter) or advising clients on the requirements side of software development (which I’m doing a lot of just now) I talk about model I call “3 Styles of Agile”. Incredibly I’ve never blogged about this – although the model is hidden inside a couple of articles over the ...

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Why I Infracode


I’ve been involved in, and observed, some recent conversations which have me thinking about why I do what I do. Also, what exactly is it that I do? I was having a discussion about why I enjoy working in the areas I do – which I typically describe as: Config management & Deploy automation Monitoring infra & app integration CI ...

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Tips for Code Review Success


I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in various group peer code reviewing scenarios and sometimes I find myself wondering – is this worth it? (This is often followed by my drifting mind wondering if the cafeteria in whatever building has any more cookies, while a 20-minute-long off-topic conversation on the review sadly ensures that the cookies will be gone.) ...

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How To Write Your Own Java / Scala Debugger


With this post we’ll explore how Java / Scala debuggers are written and work. Native debuggers such WinDbg for Windows or gdb for Linux/Unix get their power from hooks provided to them directly by the OS to monitor and manipulate the state of an external process. The JVM, acting as an abstraction layer on top of the OS, provides its ...

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Why we double down on AWS and the cloud

devops-logo published a blog post yesterday why they moved away from AWS. In the blogpost and HN discussion we recognized a couple of important points were missing in favor of AWS or cloud services in general. Full Disclosure: We know the guys from Blippex very well as they are also from Vienna. Blippex’s blog post didn’t mention that the team ...

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On Developer Hiring – The Elephant In The Room


The software industry is obsessed with hiring. Every week we get new articles on the topic on how to snag those mythical 10x developers. The elephant in the room is that most developers can do most corporate jobs, so perhaps hiring is just not as important as we give it credit for? Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what a ...

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