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What’s new in Java 8 (Part II – What might come)


Disclaimer: I do not work for Oracle or represent Oracle in any way. This list of features is not official. This is just part of my research as an “outsider”. This is part II of a three part series of posts. In the first part, I talked about what Oracle has officially let developers know what should come out in ...

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Understanding ElasticSearch Analyzers


Sadly, lots of early Internet beer recipes aren’t necessarily in an easily digestible format; that is, these recipes are unstructured intermixed lists of directions and ingredients often originally composed in an email or forum post. So while it’s hard to easily put these recipes into traditional data stores (ostensibly for easier searching), they’re perfect for ElasticSearch in their current form. ...

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Android ViewHolder Pattern Example


Now we are going to code the smooth scrolling of our Android ListView. In the previous post, we tried to understand how the ListView with adapter works. This time, it will be all about performance. I did this a separate post because Android ListView is difficult to understand at times. What I have in mind is, “we have to do ...

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Exploring Apache Camel Core – File Component


A file poller is a very useful mechanism to solve common IT problems. Camel’s built-in file component is extremely flexible, and there are many options available for configuration. Let’s cover few common usages here. Polling a directory for input files Here is a typical Camel Route used to poll a directory for input files on every second.       ...

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Scala Wonderland: The functional style


Scala encourages to use a functional style of programming. For programmers coming from imperative world of Java or C# it is the main challenge. The first step is to recognize the difference between functional and imperative programming. Scala has two keywords for variable declaration: var – mutable variables val – immutable variables One sign of imperative sign is occurence of ...

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How to Prevent Crying During Your Technical Interview


A recent blog post Technical Interviews Make Me Cry by Pamela Fox tells the personal tale of a technologist and conference speaker who gets a Skype/Stypi interview for her dream job, becomes stumped on a technical question, breaks down in tears, almost abandons the interview, fights through it, and eventually gets the job.  Everyone loves a happy ending, and it ...

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Top 10 Questions of Java Strings


The following are top 10 frequently asked questions about Java Strings. 1. How to compare strings? Use “==” or use equals()? In brief, “==” tests if references are equal and equals() tests if values are equal. Unless you want to check if two strings are the same object, you should always use equals(). It would be better if you know ...

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My Favorite Online Resources for Advanced Java Developers


The blog has recently featured two interesting posts targeted at “advanced” Java developers: Top 10 Books For Advanced Level Java Developers and Top 10 Websites for Advanced Level Java Developers. These posts highlight resources that are especially beneficial to more experienced Java developers. I generally cannot argue with the lists as all the resources listed are useful to Java ...

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Android Sensor Tutorial: Barometer Sensor


One of the most interesting topics in my opinion is how to use Sensor in Android. Nowadays our smartphone are full of sensors and we can use it to control somehow our app. The most common sensors are: GPS Proximity sensor Light sensor Temperature sensor Barometer sensor NFC just to mention some of them. In this post we will explain ...

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