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Spring Integration key notes with real life scenarios


This post will summarize Spring Integration (SI) important key notes together with messaging Integration patterns. For each key note I will add a real life example based on my experience. Splitter a. What it does? The Splitter is actually a pattern which receives one message in one point and split it into several. b. Why is it good for me? The Splitter can be used ...

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Monitoring and detecting memory leaks in your java application


So your application is running out of memory, you’re spending days and nights analyzing your application hoping to catch the memory holes in your objects. The next steps will explain how to monitor and detect your memory leaks to make sure your app is on the safe side. 1. Memory leak suspicion If you have a suspicion there is a memory leak a convenient way to make sure ...

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Factory Method pattern in Java


In my previous post about the Template Method pattern, I showed how one can leverage lambda expression and default methods. In this post I will explore about factory method pattern and see how one can leverage method references, another feature added in Java 8 alongside lambda expressions. Lets consider a Vehicle interface and 2 of its implementations namely Car and ...

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Choosing a Programming Language: Recruitment


How do you choose the right language to use for your next project? Use the right tool for the job? Sure, but what does that mean? And how do I know what the right tool is? How do I get enough experience in a new language to know whether or not it is the right tool for the job? Your ...

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Continuous Delivery – Part 5 – Startup – Self Test


Previous Chapter: A/B Testing So far we discussed Feature Toggle and A/B testing. These two methods enable safe guards that your code does not harm your system. Feature toggles enable to gradually use new features and gradually expose it to users, while monitoring that the system behaves as expected. A/B testing on the other hand let you test how your ...

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Java EE CDI Dependency Injection (@Inject) tutorial


In this tutorial we shall show you how to achieve Dependency Injection in CDI managed Beans. In particular, we shall make use of the @Inject annotation provided by the CDI API to inject a CDI bean to another bean. In this way the bean can be used in an application, such as a JavaServer Faces application. CDI provides several ways ...

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The Dev-QA Delicate Relationship


Success to your product is directly influenced by the ability of your QA and Dev teams to work well together. This is even more tightly coupled in the agile world when QA and Dev work and deliver under the same team. Symbiosis between QA and Dev will accelerate delivery time, create a more robust product, and overall will increase team ...

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Got my feet wet with Clojure


I started hardcode coding on Project Plugh. I’m working on moving a bunch of Lift concepts over to Clojure as I build Lift’s comet facilities in Clojure so I can stream data to the browser. Background… PartialFunction In Scala, there’s a PartialFunction The key take-away for PartialFunctions is “… is a unary function where the domain does not necessarily include ...

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