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Gradle Goodness: Running a Single Test


We can run test code with Gradle using the test task that is added by the Java plugin. By default all tests found in the project are executed. If we want to run a single test we can use the Java system property test.single with the name of the test. Actually the pattern for the system property is taskName.single. The ...

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Java Reflection oddities with inner class constructor parameters


About Java inner classes Java allows member classes (classes that are defined inside other classes), local classes (classes that are defined inside statement blocks) and anonymous classes (classes with no names):           class Outer { Object anonymous = new Object(){}; // this is an anonymous class // anonymous initialisation block { // this is a local ...

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Indicators of Talent (and Heuristics) for Software Engineers


A recent Hacker News post by a man named Andrew was voted to the front page and received over 50 comments (as of my post).  The post was called Ask HN:  Would you hire me?, and Andrew specified that he was talking about a junior level position. He provided the following details about himself: 28 years old with a Finance ...

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Spring Security Login


1. Introduction This article is going to focus on Login with Spring Security. We’re going to built on top of the simple previous Spring MVC example, as that’s a necessary part of setting up the web application along with the login mechanism. 2. The Maven Dependencies To add Maven dependencies to the project, please see the Spring Security with Maven ...

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5 Things That Will Make Your Agile Development Project FAIL


Far too many Agile development projects fail. It is hard to even accurately measure the number of failures because so many software development projects end up “complete” and shipped, even though: They took far too long to build The quality of what we built was poor What was built was not what the customer wanted The cost to develop was ...

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Hibernate 4 with Spring


1. Overview This article will focus on setting up Hibernate 4 with Spring – we’ll look at how to configure Spring 3 with Hibernate 4 using both Java and XML Configuration. Parts of this process are of course common to the Hibernate 3 article. 2. Maven To add the Spring Persistence dependencies to the project pom.xml, please see the article ...

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Spring MVC Tutorial


1. Overview and Maven This is a simple Spring MVC tutorial showing how to set up a Spring MVC project, both with Java based Configuration as well as with XML Configuration. The Maven artifacts for Spring MVC project are described in the in detail in the Spring MVC dependencies article. 2. The web.xml This is a simple configuration of the ...

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Spring Security with Maven


1. Overview This article will explain how to setup Spring Security with Maven and will go over specific use-cases of using Spring Security dependencies. The latest Spring Security releases can be found on Maven Central. This is a followup to the previous Spring with Maven article, so for non-security Spring dependencies, that’s the place to start.       2. ...

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Hibernate 3 with Spring


1. Overview This article will focus on setting up Hibernate 3 with Spring – we’ll look at how to use both XML and Java configuration to set up Spring 3 with Hibernate 3 and MySQL. 2. Java Spring Configuration for Hibernate 3 Setting up Hibernate 3 with Spring and Java config is straightforward:       import java.util.Properties; import javax.sql.DataSource; ...

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Installing Google Play on Android Emulator


The problem I wanted to install Google Play on emulator. Problem is no guide on the net could tell me precisely how to do this. I’m not sure why, it seemed that they worked with old Android Market (pre version 3 era) or at least people shown some screenshots of that but I couldn’t make it work at home. The ...

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