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Java Reflection Tutorial


In this tutorial, I mainly write some examples to introduce what Java reflection can do. Hopefully, it can give you an overview of this concept. Please leave your comment for suggestions. What is Reflection? In brief, reflection is the ability of a program to examine and modify the structure and behavior of an object at runtime. This concept is sometimes ...

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What is the Future of Work?


I just read Scott Berkun’s The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work. For me, it was a mixed read. Yes, you can make a totally distributed team work. What you need to do:               Make all of the work visible Keep everyone focused on one project at a time Keep all ...

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A Scraping Library


As part of a project I’m working on, I needed to get documents from state institutions. And instead of writing code specific for each site, I decided to try creating a “universal” document scraper. It can be found as a separate module within the main project The project is written in Scala, and can be used in any JVM ...

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Simplicity vs. Robustness – Demonstrated On Lock File Handling


Today we will discuss a conflict between the design values of keeping things simple, stupid (KISS) and robustness, between underdesign and overdesign. We were writing a batch Java application and needed to ensure that at maximum one instance is running at a time on the server. A team member had the good idea of using lock files, which indeed worked ...

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How can Agile help you in clearing the technical debt?


This post is a write up to my talk titled “How can Agile help you in clearing the technical debt?” presented at the Scrum Bangalore Meetup 2013. It was a short talk for 30 Minutes, So thought of a write up to elaborate the ideas on the slides.                   How can agile help ...

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Code Reviews Change Over Time


We’ve been doing code reviews for about 4 years now. Getting Started with Code Reviews From the start, developers would help each other out, look at code when someone asked, or sometimes a lead or a senior developer would step in and review code if we were seeing problems in testing or if someone had just joined the team and ...

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Injecting Spring beans into non-managed objects


Advantages coming from dependency injection can be addicting. It’s a lot easier to configure application structure using injections than doing all resolutions manually. It’s hard to resign from it when we have some non-managed classes that are instantiated outside of the container – for example being part of other frameworks like Vaadin UI components or JPA entities. The latter are ...

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Elo Rating System: Ranking Champions League teams using Clojure


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post I’ve been learning about ranking systems and one of the first ones I came across was the Elo rating system which is most famously used to rank chess players. The Elo rating system uses the following formula to work out a player/team’s ranking after they’ve participated in a match:       ...

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5 Steps to Stress-Free Cloud Maintenance


Making the switch to cloud computing can cause a range of headaches for the IT department. From worrying about security breaches to making sure applications are available when they need to be, maintaining a cloud system can be complex. However, by taking the following five steps maintenance doesn’t have to be stressful. 1. Choose the Right Type of Cloud Every ...

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Top 100 Java Servlet Questions


1) Is it the “servlets” directory or the “servlet” directory? Answer: For Java Web Server: on the file system, it’s “servlets” c:\JavaWebServer1.1\servlets\DateServlet.class in a URL path, it’s “servlet”: 2) How do I support both GET and POST protocol from the same Servlet? Answer: The easy way is, just support POST, then have your doGet method call your doPost method: ...

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