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MongoDB “Lightning Fast Aggregation” Challenged with Oracle


What does “Scale” even mean in the context of databases? When talking about scaling, people have jumped to the vendor-induced conclusion that: SQL doesn’t scale NoSQL scales It is very obvious that NoSQL vendors make such claims. It has also been interesting that many NoSQL consumers made such claims, even if they probably confused SQL in general with MySQL in ...

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Project Student: Webservice Client with Jersey


This is part of Project Student. Other posts are Webservice Client with Jersey, Business Layer and Persistence with Spring Data. The first layer of the RESTful webapp onion is the webservice client. It can be used to mimic web pages containing AJAX content or by programmatic users of the webapp. N.B., the latter might include other webapps, e.g., if you ...

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Give Credit Generously


I had a boss who was great at saying, “Terri did this. Jen did that. JR did this other thing.” We all knew who had learned about different areas of the system, who had succeeded at which parts of testing or development or project management. It was great. She didn’t just tell us. Nope, our boss told her bosses. That’s ...

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Performance tuning – measure don’t guess


In my performance tuning career I have given the advice to measure and not guess more often than I can recall. And in many cases the target of this advice has given up after looking at the monolithic 500,000 LOC legacy application they are working. In the post we are about to share some simple tools and concepts how to ...

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The infamous sun.misc.Unsafe explained


The biggest competitor to the Java virtual machine might be Microsoft’s CLR that hosts languages such as C#. The CLR allows to write unsafe code as an entry gate for low level programming, something that is hard to achieve on the JVM. If you need such advanced functionality in Java, you might be forced to use the JNI which requires ...

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MongoDB Facts: Lightning speed aggregation


In my previous post, I demonstrated how fast you can insert 50 millions time-event entries with MongoDB. This time we will make use of all that data to fuel our aggregation tests. This is how one time-event entry looks like:             { "_id" : ObjectId("529a2a988cccdb538932d31f"), "created_on" : ISODate("2012-05-02T06:08:47.835Z"), "value" : 0.9270193106494844 } Beside the default ...

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Counting Distinct Records in SQL


The SQL language and its depths… Some of you readers might be aware of MySQL’s capability of counting distinct records through the COUNT() aggregate function. The MySQL documentation reads: COUNT(DISTINCT expr,[expr...]) Returns a count of the number of rows with different non-NULL expr values. In other words, you can count distinct first and last names very easily: SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME) FROM CUSTOMERS ...

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Transforming a server application to cloud application


On-premise products are architected and designed for server operating environment i.e., they are web-based applications. SaaS, on the other hand is a cloud application (an application exposed as a service in a cloud operating environment) i.e., they are web applications. The major differences between the two operating environments are in: Pricing: There are inherent differences between the way products and ...

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The golden (broken) management approach


Golden and broken doesn’t certainly sound great concerning anything, but the management approach I going to write about should definitely ring some bell to your attention as a matter of real working scenario in organizations and teams. The golden part is about how it should be according to latest neuroscience discoveries applied to leadership and people management (and to common ...

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Skinning in Java8 (JavaFX8)


There has been some changes in JavaFX8 regarding skinning, the most relevants of which are the new CSS API that allows you to create new CSS properties and pseudo-classes for your controls and the Skin class which has become public. Using CSS you can change a lot of the appearance of a control, but there is only so much you ...

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