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Hibernate 4.3 ORM Tool


Hibernate has recently released the final version of Hibernate ORM 4.3, a Java-based ORM framework that also supports stored procedures and entity graphs. ORM Tool Hibernate 4.3 Released, Implementing JPA 2.1 Specification introduces the main features of the release, which are in short: Support for working with stored procedure and function calls, across both providers and database vendors. UPDATE and ...

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How to write one of the fastest expression evaluators in Java


Granted, the title is a bit of an attention grabber, but nevertheless true (You course you never trust a benchmark you didn’t fake yourself – but that’s another story). So last week I was looking for a small and usable library to evaluate mathematical expressions. I almost directly stumbled upon this stackoverflow post. The recommended library (Expr) is really quite ...

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The signature of reduce() in Ceylon


The Iterable interface defines a method named fold() with this signature:                         Result fold<Result>(Result initial, Result accumulating(Result partial, Element elem)) Where Element is the element type of the Iterable. This method accepts an initial value, and an accumulator function which is applied to each element of the iterable object ...

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AmazonSQS and Spring for messaging queue


The next post will demonstrate how to use Spring JMS templates and DLMC’S together with AmazonSQS API in order to place message queue. Why would I use Amazon SQS? Easy to configure Cross-platfom support Earn from your self redundant, conjunction and scaling worries.         Why I wouldn’t use Amazon SQS? If the latency requirement demands less than  ~20 ...

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Big Data the ‘reactive’ way


A metatrend going on in the IT industry is a shift from query-based, batch oriented systems to (soft) realtime updated systems. While this is associated with financial trading only, there are many other examples such as “Just-In-Time”-logistic systems, flight companies doing realtime pricing of passenger seats based on demand and load, C2C auction system like EBay, real time traffic control ...

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Automatically converting password hashes in Grails spring-security-core


I was looking at this Stack Overflow question about converting password hashes and realized that it’s possible and rather convenient when using the spring-security-core plugin to automate the process. To start, we’ll need a PasswordEncoder that can work with both algorithms. Here I’m assuming that you’ll be converting from SHA-256 (optionally with a salt) to bcrypt, but the general approach ...

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Event Emitter in node.js


Event emitter from one class triggers an event to which other functions from other classes can listen. Libraries offer implementations of a framework for publishing events and listening to them. On Node many objects can emit events. The .on method in a Event Emitter – We can listen for these events by calling one of these objects “on” method, passing ...

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An Annotation Nightmare


                      @XmlElementWrapper(name="orders") @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(OrderJaxbAdapter.class) @XmlElements({ @XmlElement(name="order_2",type=Order2.class), @XmlElement(name="old_order",type=OldOrder.class) }) @JsonIgnore @JsonProperty @NotNull @ManyToMany @Fetch(FetchMode.SUBSELECT) @JoinTable( name = "customer_order", joinColumns = { @JoinColumn(name = "customer_id", referencedColumnName = "id") }, inverseJoinColumns = { @JoinColumn(name = "order_id", referencedColumnName = "id") } ) private List orders; Wait. What? Is this really what we have come to? ...

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Project Student: Persistence With Spring Data


This is part of Project Student. Other posts are Webservice Client With Jersey, Webservice Server with Jersey and Business Layer. The final layer of the RESTful webapp onion is the persistence layer. There are two philosophies for persistence layers. One camp sees the database as a simple store and wants to keep this layer extremely thin. The other camp knows ...

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