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Save-and-Refresh With Java Web Projects


How do you configure your machine in order to have save-and-refresh for Java web projects? When you ask this question to developers, the answer starts with “oh, well…”, and continues with a description of something that sort-of works. And everyone has his own way. First – why do you need this? Because doing copying and restarting the server is a ...

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Configuring MySQL for ADF development


Hi all. Today I’m going to show you how to configure MySQL database for Oracle ADF development. IMHO when you are using ADF with other databases rather than Oracle DB you won’t be able to use the full power of Oracle ADF and sometimes you’ll find yourself looking for workarounds in order to achieve some behavior that with Oracle DB ...

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Applying the 80:20 Rule in Software Development


Managers don’t want to think harder than they have to. They like simple rules of thumb, quick and straightforward ways of looking at problems and getting pointed in the right direction. The simpler, the better. One of the most useful rules of thumb is the 80:20 rule: 80% of effects come from 20% of causes and 80% of results come ...

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Java: Schedule a job to run on a time interval


Recently I’ve spent some time building a set of tests around rolling upgrades between Neo4j versions and as part of that I wanted to log the state of the cluster as the upgrade was happening. The main thread of the test blocks waiting until the upgrade is done so I wanted to log on another thread every few seconds. Alistair ...

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Camel CXF Service With Multiple Query Parameters


While the awesome Apache Camel team is busy fixing the handling of the multiple parameters in the query, here’s a workaround. Hopefully, this post will become obsolete with the next versions of Camel. (Currently, I use 2.7.5) Problem Query parameters more than 1 is passed as a null value into a Camel-CXF service. Say, if the URL has four query ...

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Optimistic locking retry with MongoDB


In my previous post I talked about the benefit of employing optimistic locking for MongoDB batch processors. As I wrote before, the optimistic locking exception is a recoverable one, as long as we fetch the latest Entity, we update and save it. Because we are using MongoDB we don’t have to worry about local or XA transactions. In a future ...

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Groovy’s magical NullObject


In this post I am going to explain some not that obvious differences of null in Java and null in Groovy. Let’s start with the following line:               Object o = null This statement works fine in Java and Groovy (except that Java requires a semicolon at line end). However, it has slightly different ...

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Getting Started with method security in Grails using Spring Security


This blog post will be about implementing method level security with security expressions in Grails using the Spring Security plugins. I assume you have some basic understanding of the Grails Spring Security Core plugin. Roles aren’t enough. When using the Spring Security Core plugin you typically start to configure which roles are required for accessing certain URLs. This configuration can ...

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Android Volley Tutorial: Post and download image


In this post, I want to describe how to use a very powerful and easy to use library for Android. This library is called Volley and it can be used to handle networking connection. In previous post, we talked about HttpUrlConnection and Apache HTTP client. They are both valid and useful but using Volley we can simplify our work. Volley ...

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A MindMap for Java Developer Interviews


Over the years I have been a panelist in many of the interviews for Java Developers. I have previously written a post titled Top 7 tips for succeeding in a technical interview for software engineers which covers few of the general guidelines. In this post I will share a mind map containing general topics covered in a Java developer interview. I have ...

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