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Something to Consider as Java Tops the Programming Charts


The following is a contributed article from Dennis Chu of Coverity: Something to Consider as Java Tops the Programming Charts By Dennis Chu, Senior Product Manager, Coverity For development teams, it may be obvious: Java is one of the top programming languages today. Approximately 9 million developers are currently working in Java; it’s said to be running on three billion ...

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Can you Learn and Improve without Agile Retrospectives? Of course you can…


Retrospectives – bringing the team together on a regular basis to examine how they are working and identify where and how they can improve – are an important part of Agile development. Scrum and “Inspect and Adapt” So important that Schwaber and Sutherland burned retrospectives into Scrum at the end of every Sprint, to make sure that teams will continuously ...

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Proof-of-Concept Using Spring Roo


In my time with Keyhole, I’ve been involved in a number of projects where the client was asking us to rewrite a legacy system while retaining their existing database. Sometimes it helps to give a quick demo on how using current technologies can make it easier to develop, test, and maintain their code. One way I’ve found to get a ...

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Drools : PHREAK Stack Based Evaluations and Backward Chaining


A while back I wrote a blog on our new algorithm: Someone asked me about the new stack based system, and how backward chaining works. I replied to them in an email, but I thought others might find it useful, so have pasted it below. It’s written straight from my brain onto the page, so it’ a bit raw ...

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Playing with JerseyTest (Jersey 2.5.1 and DI)


I’m going to try explaining a trivial REST example. The idea is building a basic schema to start playing with Jersey. When I begin to use some framework, I usually develop a test enviroment for failing fast, and that is what I’m going to do. The next example has these features: Jersey 2.5.1 Dependency Injection JUnit for testing     ...

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Acceptance Test Driven Development


In this short series about acceptance testing I previously wrote about collaboration between testers and developers and how acceptance tests help to define clear requirements of a system. Where the previous article were on the theoretical side, let’s now take a look at using acceptance testing as a practice in our development process. I prefer using Acceptance Test Driven Development, ...

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JArchitect v4.0 Released


JArchitect version 4.0 is now available, as announced by JArchitect v4.0 Released. JArchitect can help java developers manage a complex Java code base. You can easily analyze code structure, specify design rules, do effective code reviews and master evolution by comparing different versions of the code. On its previous version, v3.0, which was released in September 2012, features like the ...

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Scala: Predicate Composition with Lens-Like Structures


I’ve been playing around with a few ideas on how to apply a lens-like construct on arbitrary Scala collections that also combines the power of predicate composition as opposed to the more standard notion of functional composition. To ask a silly question, what if we could do something similar to a Scalaz Lens with a “get,” “set,” and “mod” but ...

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Biggest hindrances to being agile


I often wonder how projects fail to be agile enough even though the team consists of talented team members.  So today I am planning to summarize few points that are the biggest hindrances to being agile in a team based environment. 1.  Laziness / Procrastination I think this is by far the number one hindrance to being agile.  This habit ...

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