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Node.js Package Manager


Node.js standard packages and modules are installed through standard packaging application – called as Node Package Manager(NPM). NPM is the standard for packaging the node.js components and modules. In the packages, the “package.json” is included to write the dependencies in Node.js and the startig file in node package. There are two ways of installing node packages – Local and Global. ...

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Parameterized JUnit tests with JUnitParams


Parameterized unit tests are used to to test the same code under different conditions. Thanks to parameterized unit tests we can set up a test method that retrieves data from some data source. This data source can be a collection of test data objects, external file or maybe even a database. The general idea is to make it easy to ...

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Add LATERAL Joins or CROSS APPLY to Your SQL Tool Chain


The T-SQL dialect has known the powerful CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY JOIN syntaxes for ages. The SQL:1999 standard had introduced almost equivalent “lateral derived tables”, which are finally supported with PostgreSQL 9.3, or Oracle 12c, which has adopted both the SQL standard LATERAL syntax and the T-SQL vendor-specific CROSS APPLY and OUTER APPLY syntaxes. But what are we even ...

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Storing Objects in Android


One alternative to using SQLite on Android is to store Java objects in SharedPreferences. Here, we’ll look at two different ways to do that. Why not go for SQLite for all storage needs? The reasons can be varied: besides the impedance mismatch between object orientation and relational databases, SQLite might be overkill (brings more overhead) for some simple use cases, ...

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Common Linux log files name and usage


If you spend lot of time in Linux environment, it is essential that you know where the log files are located, and what is contained in each and every log file. When your system is running smoothly, take some time to learn and understand the content of various log files, which will help you when there is a crisis and you have to look ...

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Fun doesn’t mean compromising scalability


Today I read an interesting piece on InfoWorld about Meteor, Meteor aims to make JavaScript programming fun again. It is an interview with Matt DeBergalis, a co-author of Meteor, about Meteor and why a developer would choose it. The title in particular resonated well with me, “making programming fun again” is a catch phrase I have often used in presentations ...

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Using SQL Injection Vulnerabilities to Dump Your Database


The threat caused by SQL injection is heavily underestimated even by many senior developers and software architects. Most people are unaware of the fact that an entire server can be at risk by a single vulnerability even in the remotest piece of logic. This article will give a frightening insight into the potential severity of SQL injection vulnerabilities. What is ...

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013 Things that Will go Horribly Wrong on This Friday, Dec 13, 2013


I’m a defensive programmer. A wise man once taught me: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong Another wise man taught me to… expect the unexpected Today, this will finally all make sense, as today, on this Friday the 13th, the following 10 programming-related things will go terribly wrong. In other words, your software is about to explode… 1. … ...

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Set WildFly binding address and shutdown using CLI


It’s very easy to bind WildFly on a hostname/IP just using command line parameters. I have a simple GNU/Linux box that I use it to play with various things, one of them is WildFly. I start WildFly listening on a specific IP using this commands:             $> cd /opt/wildfly/wildfly-8.0.0.Beta1/bin $> ./ -c standalone-full.xml -b= -bmanagement= ...

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Sublime Simplicity of Scripting with Groovy


Many of my blog posts are, as my blog’s title suggests, inspired by actual events. Three experiences this week have reminded me yet again of the simple simplicity of scripting with Groovy. In this post, I briefly look at each of these three events that are only related because they tie to Groovy and to scripting with Groovy. Groovy Provides ...

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