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JAX-RS and JSON-P integration


This short post talks about support for JSON-P in JAX-RS 2.0 JSON-P …? The JSON Processing API (JSON-P) was introduced in Java EE 7. It provides a standard API to work with JSON data and is quite similar to its XML counterpart – JAXP. JSON-B (JSON Binding) API is in the works for Java EE 8. Support for JSON-P in ...

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Changing the Game When it Comes to Auditing in Big Data – Part 1


With MapR version 5.0 being released recently, MapR customers got yet another powerful feature at no additional licensing costs: Auditing! In this two-folded blog post, I’ll describe various use cases for auditing as well as a instructions for how to deploy these cases in your MapR environment. The auditing features in MapR let you log audit records of cluster administration ...

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Representing relationships as first-class citizens in an Object-oriented programming language


As beginners we used to write very large functions and then giant God classes. As we improve our skills, our classes become smaller but more numerous: we get a swarm of small, focuses classes that collaborate to create the final system. In other words we shift the complexity from the relations between the components of a class to the relations between classes. Indeed most Design ...

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The History of Failed Initiatives


I worked with many different clients. From small greenfield projects all the way to big ones in sectors like automotive, lottery, banking, insurance and other industries. With few exceptions teams in those projects can be divided into those that started anew and think that they are using latest and greatest ways to develop and those that are in charge of ...

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Focus on your data rather than your database


Seastar is a managed platform for Apache Cassandra that spans hardware infrastructure, a hosting environment, a self-service API and dashboard, and a support team. It’s everything you need to get clusters up and running quickly and cost-effectively. This platform is being built by a team of engineers at Network Redux who have decades of combined experience in the enterprise hosting ...

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The 10 Most Popular DB Engines (SQL and NoSQL) in 2015


About two years ago, we’ve published this post about the 10 most popular DB engines, where we analyzed the data published by Solid IT on their DB Ranking website. In the meantime, the Solid IT measurement system has found to be a credible source, such that the website has also been cited at Gartner, InfoWorld, and many other sources. Comparing ...

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Stack safe recursion in Java


In this article, excerpted from the book Functional Programming in Java, I explain how to use recursion while avoiding the risk of a StackOverflow Exception. Corecursion is composing computing steps by using the output of one step as the input of the next one starting with the first step. Recursion is the same operation, but starting with the last step. ...

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Getting Started with Couchbase using Docker


Couchbase Server 4.0 was recently released and can be downloaded and easily installed. Getting Started with Couchbase explains in very simple and easy steps on how to get started with Couchbase.  But when living in a container world, everything is a Docker image. And Couchbase also has a Docker image. This blog will explain how you can easily start a Couchbase Server 4.0 as a Docker image. Install ...

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Do Project Managers need Domain Experience?


Opinions vary on whether a project manager needs to have domain experience.  Certainly project managers that do not have domain experience will be the first to say that domain experience is not necessary as long as they have access to excellent subject matter experts. I would advocate a more nuanced position; that is, a project manager does not need domain experience ...

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Akka Typed: First steps with typed actors in Scala


With the [release of Akka 2.4.0|] a couple of weeks ago the experimental Akka Typed module was added. With Akka Typed it is possible to create and interact with Actors in a type safe manner. So instead of just sending messages to an untyped Actor, with Akka Typed we can add compile time type checking to our Actor interactions. ...

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