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Level up your Monitoring with Application Performance Management


Getting started with APM Application Performance Management, or APM, is the monitoring and management of the availability and performance of software applications. Different people can interpret this definition differently so this article attempts to qualify what APM is, what it includes, and why it is important to your business. If you are going to take control of the performance of ...

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Git me the log


There are times that as a developer who primarily responsible for the deployment can use a little helping hand on getting the right source and builds for a release. After all, the artefacts coming out of it can be the same one that’s going to be deployed in production. It’s really important that we check each and every code commits ...

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How to create your first HIVE script?


Overview Apache Hive is an integral part of Hadoop eco-system. Hive can be defined as a data warehouse like software which facilitates query and large data management on HDFS (Hadoop distributed file system). One must remember that Hive is not data warehouse software rather it provides some mechanism to manage data on distributed environment and query it by using an ...

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Truly Unleashing the Power of Maven and Java EE


Ambition and vision can be the undoing of great solutions, if they are too complex to use. While Maven and Java EE are technologies that are well established throughout the Java industry, it can be extremely tricky to get started with them and to architect projects using all the techniques and patterns that their authors intended you to use. How often do applications, ...

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Workshop in a Can: Setup a JBoss BRMS Full Day Workshop


Looking for an easy way to promote, present or demonstrate how easy it is to get started with JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) product? Look no further as we have pulled together this workshop so that you can construct an evening, half day or full day session of learning around JBoss BRMS. You can setup this workshop and run ...

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Neo4j: The football transfers graph


Given we’re still in pre season transfer madness as far as European football is concerned I thought it’d be interesting to put together a football transfers graph to see whether there are any interesting insights to be had. It took me a while to find an appropriate source but I eventually came across which contains transfers going back at ...

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Bugs and cracks


Compile-time and run-time villains. Consider the software system on which you currently work. Would you release that system with 31,197 bugs? Not potential bugs, mind; actual identified bugs. If you answer yes to this then you can stop reading now. This post is not for you. Taking a ridiculously simplistic view of software, we can split software development into three ...

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Consuming java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue as rx.Observable


Classical producer-consumer pattern is relatively simple in Java since we have java.util.concurrent.BlockingQueue. To avoid busy waiting and error-prone manual locking we simply take advantage of put() and take(). They both block if queue is full or empty respectively. All we need is a bunch of threads sharing reference to the same queue: some producing and others consuming. And of course ...

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Comment Your Fucking Code!


You’re the elite. You know Clean Code by heart, you dream of SOLID design, and you unit-test every line you write. Your code is so self-documenting you don’t even need to write comments! Then this rant is just for you! Because let me tell you something: Without comments, working with your code is still a fucking pain. No matter how ...

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IOT in a Nutshell


Call it a buzzword, hype, talk of the town, new kid on the block, the in thing, well the Internet of Things (IOT) is all things that can be made to talk to internet. It boils down to things providing data of some sort that can be used to perform different types of analysis. IOT is an abstract concept that ...

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