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General Performance Tips


Performance is a mystical thing our systems must have. But as with most things in software engineering, there is no clearly defined set of steps that have to be followed in order to have a performant systems. It depends on the architecture, on the network, on the algorithms, on the domain problem, on the chosen technologies, on the database, etc. ...

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Do Not Create DSL for the Customer


Domain Specific Language (DSL) solutions are many times created with the intent to give a tool to the hands of the customer representatives (business people) to do the configuration of the application on their own. Most of these attempts fail miserably: the DSL ends in the hands of the developers. (Sometimes there can be exceptions those I have never experienced.) ...

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Reactive Database Access – Part 1 – Why “Async”


We’re very happy to announce a guest post series on the jOOQ blog by Manuel Bernhardt. In this blog series, Manuel will explain the motivation behind so-called reactive technologies and after introducing the concepts of Futures and Actors use them in order to access a relational database in combination with jOOQ. Manuel Bernhardt is an independent software consultant with a ...

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Docker Machine, Swarm and Compose for multi-container and multi-host applications with Couchbase and WildFly


This blog will explain how to create multi-container application deployed on multiple hosts using Docker. This will be achieved using Docker Machine, Swarm and Compose. Yes, all three tools together makes this blog that much more interesting!               The diagram explains the key components: Docker Machine is used to provision multiple Docker hosts Docker Swarm will be used to create a ...

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My Development Environment Setup on Linux


As I mentioned in my previous post Thinking of moving from Windows to Linux? I am moving from Windows to Linux. Setting up my development environment is a bit tedious because I have to hunt down the applications and execute various commands to setup. So I thought of make a note of them in a post so that it will ...

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Pre Java EE 7 alternative to JPA 2.1 unsynchronized persistence context


Unsynchronized persistence context in Java EE 7 JPA 2.1 introduced the concept of unsynchronized persistence context which allows fine grained control over flushing of the JPA Entity Manager i.e. by explicitly calling EntityManager#joinTransaction. Previously, this was defaulted to end of JTA transaction e.g. in a typical Stateless EJB, the entity manager would flush its state to the DB at the ...

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Couchbase on OpenShift 3


OpenShift is Red Hat’s open source PaaS platform. OpenShift 3 provides a holistic experience of running your applications using Docker and Kubernetes. In a classic Red Hat way, all the work is done in the open source at OpenShift Origin. This also drives the next major release of OpenShift Online and OpenShift Enterprise. OpenShift 3 using Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration makes it really ...

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Geometric Brownian motion with Java


The Wiener process is a continuous-time stochastic process named in honor of Norbert Wiener. It’s commonly used to represent noise or financial development with a random component. The geometric brownian motion can be calculated to visualize certain bounds (in quantiles) to hint about the absolute range. For calculation following parameters are required: µ (mu): mean percentage σ (sigma): variance t: ...

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