The Write For Geeks (W4G) Program

The W4G program allows you to publish one of your articles under the Java Code Geeks umbrella. We’re always looking for opportunities to team up with talented people in the software development world, people who are willing to contribute unique, useful, creative and exciting articles to the community. So, if you would like to become a guest writer for Java Code Geeks, this program is right for you!

Why Should you Write For Geeks?

Here’s why contributing to Java Code Geeks could be beneficial to you:

  • You’ll reach a worldwide audience of targeted readers.
  • You’ll build your reputation as an expert in the software development field.
  • You’ll hone your writing skills.
  • You’ll contribute to the community, leaving a legacy behind.
  • It’s cool to be a geek, and even more a Java Code Geek!

Get Started!

Joining our W4G program is simple and easy. Just send an email to our Executive Editor, Byron Kiourtzoglou, with your article. Before doing so we strongly encourage you to spend a little time and read our submission guidelines. Failing to conform to the specified rules will most likely lead your article to fail our evaluation. After your first post is published, you will also be included in our writers list.

How to promote Java Code Geeks

When you become a W4G, the best way to show off the program is to post a mention about it on your blog/site and any social profile you may maintain.

Java Code Geeks

Save this JCG badge and put it on your blog/site and any social profile to show off your JCG status!

To do so just copy the HTML code snippet provided below and paste it to the exact place where you want the badge to be presented.

<a href="http://www.javacodegeeks.com/" imageanchor="1"><img alt="Java Code Geeks" src="http://cdn.javacodegeeks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/JavaCodeGeek_Badge.png" title="Java Code Geeks" /></a>



Bernard Ligny [Articles]
Spyros Sakellariou [Articles]
Ron Piterman [Articles]
Andy Moncsek [Articles]
Eugene Polyhaev [Articles]
Clarence Ho [Articles]
Jose Martinez [Articles]
Olivia Leonardi [Articles]
Hasan Ceylan [Articles]
Jennifer Marsh [Articles]
Prasad Saya [Articles]
Toni Satani [Articles]
Debadatta Mishra [Articles]
Mohpreet Singh [Articles]
Rajat Jain [Articles]
Baskaran Chinnusamy [Articles]
Sachin Joshi [Articles]
Michael Desigaud [Articles]
Shamik Majumdar [Articles]
John Kostaras [Articles]
Grigoris Iliopoulos [Articles]
Csibra Norbert [Articles]
Neha Gupta [Articles]
Mansi Arora [Articles]

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