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Stéphane Épardaud is a long-time open source user and contributor, now working on the Ceylon compiler because if you're not writing a compiler you're not doing proper programming ;)

Running Ceylon on OpenShift


This year we released three different ways you can run your Ceylon code on OpenShift: Bare-bones, using the Ceylon cartridge, Writing a verticle in Ceylon, using the Vert.x cartridge, or Packaging your Ceylon application as a .war file and running it on the WildFly cartridge. In this post we will see how you can write and publish a bare-bones application ...

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Ceylon: Ceylon command-line plugins


With Ceylon we try our best to make every developer’s life easier. We do this with a great language, a powerful IDE, a wonderful online module repository, but also with an amazing command-line interface (CLI). Our command line is built around the idea of discoverability where you get a single executable called ceylon and lots of subcommands that you can ...

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Java Reflection oddities with inner class constructor parameters


About Java inner classes Java allows member classes (classes that are defined inside other classes), local classes (classes that are defined inside statement blocks) and anonymous classes (classes with no names):           class Outer { Object anonymous = new Object(){}; // this is an anonymous class // anonymous initialisation block { // this is a local ...

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About modules


Modules, ah, modules. The albatross of Java. I frequently joke that modules are scheduled for Java N+1 where N moves forward with each release. I remember perfectly the first time I heard of Java getting modules at Devoxx, back when they were still planned for Java 7. I remember I heard the announcement and what I saw made a lot ...

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