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Iris is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder at Takipi where she designs tools that help developers debug Java and Scala in production. Her main interests are creative products, marketing for developers and nitpicking small UX details

4 Creative Ways to Test Your Code in Production


What are some considerations and things to think about if I want to get the most out of testing in my production environment? Production environments are a different beast. No matter how much effort you put into staging environments, you’re only truly getting real life conditions, and therefore real life data, in production. Everyone does some degree of testing in ...

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Deploying Code Fast? Here’s How to Tell If You Broke Something


Here at Takipi, we’re in the error tracking business. Each day, Takipi is used to track more than 500,000 errors across hundreds of different companies. The most critical and fragile stage for many apps is just after a new deployment – when code changes are tested for the first time under a high stress load and with full production settings. ...

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While You Were Sleeping: The Top New Java 8 Additions


What are some of the most interesting additions to Java 8 since it was launched? Java 8 recently celebrated its first birthday, with the main release coming just over a year ago now. That’s certainly worthy of a celebratory cupcake. Since the initial Java 8 version came out, six updates have been released. Some of the elements of these updates ...

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Oracle Java Mission Control: The Ultimate Guide


“We love following Mikhail Vorontsov’s blog and getting his point of view on Java Performance related issues. We’ve been asked a few times how Takipi’s Java error analysis differs from Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder. So while the differences between the tools are pretty big (Mainly, JMC is mostly a desktop application, while Takipi was specifically designed for ...

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Scala Days: 6 of the Best Talks You Probably Missed


Highlights from Scala Days @ San Francisco                     New Post: Scala Days: 6 of the Best Talks You Probably Missed http://t.co/w4armAvYTI pic.twitter.com/bZetjvH7sG — Takipi (@takipid) March 19, 2015 Scala Days was happening in San Francisco this week, and the presenters there gave some excellent talks on the hottest topics in the ...

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Ignore the Hype: 5 Docker Misconceptions Java Developers Should Consider


How can you to take a pragmatic approach to Docker and look beyond the hype? Docker has been getting a lot of hype recently, and it’s easy to understand why. Shipping code is challenging. Container technology has traditionally been messy with lots of requirements and templates involved. Docker gives you a simple way to create containers in a repeatable manner. ...

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Java IO Benchmark: Quasar vs. Async ForkJoinPool vs. managedBlock


“Arien got in touch with us on twitter after seeing the results of a parallelStreams and ForkJoin benchmark we ran. It piqued his interest so he ran some tests of his own, adding Quasar fibers to the mix. Here are his results and conclusions.” – Alex Zhitnitsky, Takipi Arien Kock is a Sr. Java Software Engineer. He enjoys stand-up comedy and used to be ...

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7 JIRA Integrations to Optimize Your Java Development Workflow


What are some of the best integrations available to optimize your JIRA workflow? I love finding ways to wring out some extra efficiency in my workflow. Watching those little automations and smooth processes brings a smile to my face. I know I’m not alone in occasionally having spent far more time getting that little boost to work correctly than it ...

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Do you want to know how to develop your skillset and become a ...

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